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I need help placing my babies!!!

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I have having a terrible time finding a new home for my two cats!!! I tried taking them to the local shelter, but I just couldn't leave them there. There are rescue organizations near me, but they say, they have no room right now. My young son, is having a horrible time with allergies and I have to get these cats out of our home. This is sooooo hard but I am going to have to put them in the shelters if I can't place them. Anyone got any more ideas!!!
We are in the Charleston, SC area.
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mjamison..I understand you are in a terrible jam but most rescues are full because they pull from shelters that have low adoption rates. I would suggest you see if a friend or family member can take the cats on a temp. basis so that you won't feel so pressed to place them in a shelter.

After that, I would contact rescues again...not to ask them to take the cats...but to see whether they will provide you with a courtesy post on their website...ask whether they will allow you to bring the cats to an adoption event where they get to charge their normal adoption fee, but you act as the foster (meaning these cats don't take up space that could be filled with cats they pull from the shelter). Make sure you have your cats vet records and you should agree to allow the rescue group to charge their normal adoption fee and keep it.

Another thing you can do is post on Craigslist and on Petfinder:


Select the city which is closest you to and then select Pets.

Petfinder has a classified section:


There is also a really good PDF called "How to find homes for homeless pets". You can find it on my rehome page:

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Here are pictures of the cats:

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I was just wondering, have you tried any medications for your son's allergies? Has he gone to the doctor? They may be able to help him so the cats could stay with you.
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Yes, he is on meds, but he has been in the hospital twice now, doc says it is time to de-cat the house.
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I have no personal experience but I believe your doctor knows best..my brother-in-law has asthma and is allergic to pets; however they have 3 cats now and have always had cats & dogs (and hamsters, ferrets, fish (ok no dander there . He's on medications that help counteract what pet dander would provoke..but maybe his case isn't severe.
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This might be a long shot, but maybe you could contact a church or association for the handicapped near you and see if they know of a disabled or elderly person who could use a good companion animal or two. I know of disabled people who would like a pet, but the adoption fees prevent them from obtaining one. If you could contribute to the pet food & vet costs, that should help considerably. My heart goes out to your son - his little heart must be breaking from losing his kitty-siblings, not to mention that if you're allergic to cats, you'll be allergic to rabbits & horses as well. I hope that you get answers soon, both for your son and your cats. Give yourself a hug for encouragement and a pat on the back for working hard towards a positive resolution of your problems! Take care, Susan
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I agree with TNR, about finding a temporary placement but in addition to this if the shelters have a waiting list, get on that list. You never can tell how fast you'll move up the list. Also, have you explained to the shelters that this is a case of medical necssity. The people in the shelters truly want to help, but are limited in space, sometimes if they can make the space in an emergancy type case, they will do their best. Good luck & I'm sorry this is happening.
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Thanks for everyones help, They have a new home!!!!!
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That is such great news!!!!

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Originally Posted by mjamison
Thanks for everyones help, They have a new home!!!!!
Oh what wonderful news! Who took them???
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