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Tigerlily going to the vet tomorrow.

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I am taking my furrbaby to the vet tomorrow to be spayed. Please send out some happy thoughts for her. I am so worried, I am sure it will all go just fine and I am just being rediculous.
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It's normal to get nervous, but don't worry!!! Tigerlily will be just fine!!!
Snowball and I are more than happy to send our good wishes your way!!!!
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Tigerlily will do fine!
We will all send good kitty kisses to her tomorrow.
Let us know how she makes out!
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We dropped her off this morning and the vet just called to say she is doing fine and we can collect her at 5pm.
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I'm glad Tigerlily is doing fine. I bet she'll be glad to get home.
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It's always a relief to know everything went well. I'm sure she'll be so happy to see you this evening. Quick healing!
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I'm so glad everything went well with TigerLily!!!!! *hugs*
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She is doing much better today, she was not a happy kitty yesterday. She came home with a collar on to stop her licking the stitches as she already damaged them at the vet. When she got home she was really freaked out by the collar and tried non stop to remove it and got her leg cought and then her mouth half out. But finally clamed down and went to sleep. This morning she has come to terms with the collar but is still trying to groom herself non stop. The only thing she can groom are the tips of her front paws that are sparkling by now compared to the rest of her.

Thanks Again for all the happy thought.

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Spike - those pics are priceless - poor poor baby! Glad everything went well and she is home.......
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Awwwww.... I am so glad Tigerlily is doing fine! Those pics make her looks so sad, but yet so cute, if ya know what I mean! When we had Gizmo neutured, we had to have the buster collar on him, and he looked so pathetic, but cute... in a way!
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