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What's your cat's favorite position?

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I was scratching Wallace in his favorite scratching position and thought it would be fun to hear about what other cats like. You see, we think this is the funniest thing, the way he likes to be scratched. First he comes up to you and gives this funny high pitched meow, he's a very big boy so it sounds funny. Then you say, Wally Baby and he gets all excited. You then pick him up and then you roll him on his back on your lap while you're sitting. Now most kitties would make the mad dash, scratch, bite or whatever. No, this boy is totally excited! So you have him on your lap, hairy belly side up, with his feet all arched over his belly and then you cradle his head...rather like a baby and give the scratch under the chin. He LOVES this, he is in total ecstacy. He could do this forever it seems. It is so funny to see this as his feet are totally in the air. Anyway, we decided it must feel awfully nice, all cats seem to like being scratched under the chin and we wonder if he likes this particular postion because it stretches his back or something. Then, when the scratching is done, he likes to stretch by raising his front legs over his head and he hangs over our knees (we stretch out our legs at this point) and stretches. He totally loves this and then when he's done he slides off and is a very happy cat! I'm so glad we can make our kitty so happy.
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Our kitty loves it in the morning he will walk all over us to wake us up to give him a nice scratch. he likes to be on his back too and he likes to be cradeled like a baby
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Chester has a similar love for laying on my lap (or belly, or anywhere else he can find) with his belly in the air...and also loves a good chin scratch. He love love loves to be rubbed on his chest between his front legs and then he usually gets excited and rolls off. I swear he's probably the most clumbsy kitten ever in life. He has no sense of where he is in relationship to the ground when he's laying around. I've seen him fall off my bed a couple times because he was stretching in the sun.
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Shouldn't this be merged with the "my cat is humping thread?"
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On the floor rolling on her back, eager to get her belly scratched is Summer's favorite.
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JJ's fav is on my lap being held like a baby and I run my hand very slowly the hole length of his tummy he loves this but he has to be in a very good mood to let me rub his belly these days he's been very strange about it since his op
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