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Poll: What is your favorite holiday?

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I will tell you my favorite holiday first, it is Christmas!!! There is just so much going on!!!
Visiting and parties
Shopping , it's always fun to shop for just the right gift for someone else and see all the new merchandise in the stores.

The lights and other decorations are always fun look at and it's fun to get creative and do something different each year.
And lots :icecream: and lots :icecream: of baking and cooking and candy!!!
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Christmas is definitely "the most wonderful time of the year" in my book.
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Christmas is the BEST by FAR
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The whole thing centers around the beginnings of this country and one outstanding meal.

You can spend it with anyone, and just so long as there is a turkey on the table, you're having a good time.

I am also not on the hook for gifts of any type.
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Well, lets see, they all equal time off work, so I vote.... ALL OF THEM!!! :laughing:
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I just love Christmas, especially now that my kids are getting older. I love to see their faces when they open their gifts. I also love decorating the house for Christmas. We go all out.

My husband's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We always have the dinner here, so my parents have to come in from Austin. My husband actually makes most of the Thanksgiving meal. It's really neat.

I also love Easter. It's just such an important religious holiday for me.
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My favorite holiday is Christmas because December is also my birth month.
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My favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter, not so much of the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. I, as a catholic, view this holidays for their real meaning. Christmas is Jesus' birth and Easter is the day he resurrected. I like religius holidays. In Mexico, we also celebrate things such as Guadalupe day on December 12, the day the virgin Mary visited Mexico. Before, Christmas Day, we celebrate Las Posadas. It is the act of Joseph and Mary looking for a place for their son to be born. Then on January 6, we celebrate The Wise Men Day. This is when children receive gifts from the three wise men. Like when Jesus received them. Then in late February, we celebrate the beginning of Lent. On Ash Wednesday, we go to receive ashes on our foreheads. On that they we fast(we eat a piece of bread and water for lunch and breakfast, then at dinner we eat one full meal.) Then every friday until easter we don't eat any meat. Then on Good Thursday, is the day when the reverend would wash the feet of some people. Good friday, we mourn Jesus' death on the cross. Saturday is easter vigil. I like to celebrate holidays for their true meanings. Sure, I like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I like to give and receive. I feel better when I give, rather then when I get presents.
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I love Halloween because it is my favorite time of year.
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I just wanted to say thank you for talking about the REAL meaning of Christmas and Easter!!
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Even though I do like Christmas, I really don't like holidays. For one thing, we are always broke at X-Mas time & it really isn't fun. I also dislike the family fightings of where to go on each holiday. Personally, I'd rather just stay at home..... it really is not biggie to me anymore! I like all the decorations at X-mas, though! But, don't like the crowds! :tounge2:
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It has to be Christmas! I like all the lights and now that I am in a new place this year with a different client it should be interesting to see how different parts of the country celebrate...I am originally a new englander who moved to the west...las vegas Nevada so...it should be different. :eye&mouth
I just wanna say hello to tigger who just happens to be a fellow pal of Barb
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My birthday is also in December.... Exactly 2 weeks away from it!
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Its a tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love to celebrate Christmas with all the decorations, and the tree. My kids of course love to open presents too! But, Thanksgiving is so special too. I love the turkey w/ all the trimmings, I love the season of autumn with the changing colors and falling leaves.
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My favorite decorations for Christmas is the tree and the Nativity Scene.
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I wish we could get a list of all those children who lost their parents on September 11. Then we will send them something for christmas like a toy, a card, etc. Many will be without their loved ones. It dosen't have to be money. Here in Utah, we have a program called Adopt an Angel. The organizers would put the names of children and elderly people who are poor and also the kind of gift they want. You can pick out an angel and buy the desired gift for that child or elderly. I did it twice and I felt good about it. I never saw the recipients. The program is legal because it is run by a department store and its announced by the media.
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In our family we all love christmas. its always a big event in our house.
Roxane still manages to amuse every one by climbing the christmas tree , she can be such a little imp at times, not to mention a show-off
Mishka just loves to investgate all the gifts as for Monty and Moofey they look forward to the feast.
As for Banjo he loves all the fussing visitors make over him.

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I really love 4th of July. We always have a picnic, and then watch the fireworks together. It's such a carefree day spent with family.
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My fave time of the yr is Christmas... its magic at our house i tell ya!!! we all go out on a early evening hack with our horses... carrying our torches and stuff... they enjoy it... hubert my other cat sometimes comes as well... he always rides on my horse with me...
jack the cat
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I like all things about Thanksgiving. Our entire family goes camping at Thanksgiving and Christmas (20+ people). The weather is always the best at Thanksgiving. That, combined with the food (full Thanksgiving dinner at the campsite), the autumn leaves, the family, the outdoors, the games and the "no pressure of gifts", make it just a little better emotionally than Christmas. (Daniela, we have Christmas lights at the campsite both holidays!!!)

However, Christmas runs a close second. And,we have more time to travel farther!

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