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Kitties can't resist certain sound

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Hi ya'all, I'm new here. I have two mature male kitties, both neutered early on, and neither one has bad habits (well, okay one will shred paper left on the floor and mutilate toilet paper rolls if he can grab one). But they both do something none of my other kitty companions over the years have done.

Okay, this is a bit awkward for me to talk about, but I am curious if other kitties do this too. I live alone, and thus when I go to use the johnny I usually don't shut the door. Whenever- and I mean always- I go and tinkle both cats, no matter if sound asleep somewhere else come running to the loo to be with me once they hear that tinkling sound. It's really weird in some ways- especially since they both do it.

This has been going on since I can recall, but I can't remember which one may have started the routine. Anyone else seen this odd ritual????
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Don't worry the vast majority of people on this site have their cats following them into the bathroom!

My two can be sound asleep downstairs with me, but as soon as i get up to go to the bathroom, no matter how guietly!, their straight behind me!.

I can't close the door because Sophie especially would cry to be in
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Mine do it too, even in the middle of the night. Sometimes my going stimulates them to go - I have been on the loo at 3 in the morning with both litter boxes in the bathroom occupied and a third cat waiting her turn, refusing to go downstairs to find another box!
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Do you pet them when they follow you in? I know that when I come home, Spot always follows me into the bathroom. I think he knows he has a captive audience there.
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LOL Mine does that too. I don't think it is unusual at all.
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Same here, follows me everywhere. You are fine and normal and so are your cats
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My husband accidentally peed on Seamus's head once. Seamus'll follow us into the bathroom and this one time decided to play while Chris was in there. I thought that was pretty funny.
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Molly used to capitalize our time while we were in there. But now the gibbers goes in and it's less fun for her that way, so she goes away tail up high. This, however means that I have to play shut the toilet lid with ghibli lets he jump in if I don't flush fast enough.
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Shinobi is supposed to be getting a new sister this week. So we've been planning to let the kitty have the bathroom as her space until they learn to like eachother. Well we killed her puppy. We've had to find original ways of keeping the door closed, and now she sleeps in front of the door like she's being deprived of joy because its closed. I don't know what we're going to do when the new one comes... sigh.

But yes, she's ALWAYS in the bathroom with us, but then usually she is wherever we are. Last night we took a shower together, with her sitting on the edge of the tub and me trying not to drench her.
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I don't know who trained your earlier felines, but you had a lucky streak--and an abnormal one--if you were owned by cats and actually had privacy in the bathroom in the past! Welcome to normal feline-human relations!
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I had a hunch this was fairly common in the kitties- but they never once have trailed me into the loo when they haven't soon after heard the "tinkling"- like if I'm in there to brush my teeth or something. It's only upon that noise that the two dart from wherever. I suspect it's all the petting they get when I'm lower to the ground like that!
And Oscar loves the running water sound of the shower, too , and will appear instantly to sit on the bathtub edge and "keep an eye on things".

Oscar is an outdoor cruiser that cannot be stopped from that joy, period. He loves baths to rid him of mud or whatnot, and when I bathe him if necessary- he overall appreciates it. Not when he's getting wiped down so much -I sit him in the tub with the faucet running and cleanse him with a soaked washcloth and he gives me an annoyed look then- but he sits still because he knows he's gotten into something he wants off of himself, too. But afterwards, when we're drying off with a cozy towel rubdown, he purrs, and after smoothing his fur, he invariably comes to cuddle in a gesture of "thanks, Mom, I needed that!"
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This is quite normal behavior for many of our kitties! Sierra also accompanies me to the potty and expects me to rub her and talk to her while we're in there.
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