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anne, help!

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I made three cat pages for my furbabies. When I made them, it worked fine and I was able to upload the photo. But when I went back in later to add some more photos, I come up with the following error message:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'owner_id='.

/cat_prove3.asp, line 359

All of my photos are less than 30k and they worked when I originally uploaded them, my problem is only when I log back in. I get all the way to the page that you browse for the photos, and then when I hit the continue button that message appears.
any ideas????????
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hmmmm... that's not supposed to happen...

Email the pics over to me + the cat page number and I'll have a look.
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Sorry it took so long to reply
Ok, I don't where to email the pics to. If I click on the link to send you an email it won't let me attach.......so can you PM me your email directly?
Also, I didn't mention that I made the pages last week, but I haven't received the confirmation email that they are approved and on the site yet. Is that perhaps why it is not working??? I am an idiot, and I did not write down the page # because I forgot!!!!!!! Call me silly. Sorry. Here is the info though on the pages.

All three are under the email ddtolle75@earthlink.net
They are for Sunshine, Fuzzy, and Simon.

Thanks Anne!!
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My email is anne@thecatsite.com. Just send me the pictures and all the info you have (esp. the cat's name) and I'll track down the page. It's not up because I'm waiting for the pics
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I just emailed you all the photos and the cats info.......thanks for your help on this.

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