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Car Wreck Tonight

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Well after saying goodbye to Elmer this morning, we came and got some sleep. I had been up all night worried about it and was real tired. After waking up, not wanting to face the day and feeling like crap I decided "Hey, even though we cannot afford it, lets go out and get food instead of a washing a sink full of dishes and cooking dinner..". So we started to do that, sounded like a good idea even with all the snow outside. Besides, the new cat Buddy already ate his way through his first bag of food and needed more. That in itself was enough justification to go out anyways.

We got going down the street, a few streets over and making fair progress considering all the snow left on the streets. Come through an intersection and had a green light of course. Suddenly I hear "We are going to get hit..." and I look over to the driver side to see a huge black SUV type vehicle coming right at us through a red light. Apparently going quite fast, not spinning tires or swerving or anything..just barreling on through without a care in the world.

*BAMMMM* *CRASH* We got nailed in the drivers side front end and spun around with the momentium so the back drivers side of the cars hit also. I was ok with a nice jolt, but nothing hit any hard surfaces. My woman however hit her head on the drivers side window and jambed her thumb into the steering wheel. We ended up basically as if we had made a right hand turn instead of going straight and he ended up pointing in the direction we were going instead of going straight through as he would have.

After checking to see that neither of us was horribly injured and 'ok' I jumped out with a paper and pen to get his license because we had been hit in the past while parked and the guy just took off in the middle of the night. Never knowing how people are going to react in that kind of situtation I wanted at a least a plate number. The pen did not work.. Exchanged a couple of words with the man, he was apparently unhurt and had a phone out. I have no idea, but maybe he was on it when he barreled through the red light. I went back and found better paper to write on and a pen that worked and headed back to his truck. Finally with the freezing cold and snow that had now started to come down I got his plate and even requested his license so I could write down his name and address. I did not think to get his phone number, but I figured with as much as I had already that was not super important. Supposidly he has Progressive and agreed it was all his fault. We had no choice but to go through the cops and insurance, the car was destroyed. I hate that our rates will go up but he seemed nice enough. He even worked at a local hospital so I guess I just belived him besides, its not like people go out looking for accidents. He came over later and even offered to help out with a few bucks if necessary, after explaining I was on disablity and we can barely make it as it is and he just wrecked a new car.. he seemed to figure out he just did more then destroy a car.

Back to the car, checking on my woman who was driving and her head hurts a bit from bumping into the drivers window, but theres no blood or buising or swelling, her thumb is hurting real bad, but not swollen or strangely out of shape or anything. I try extreamly hard to insist she goto a hospital but because its so late and theres no apparent sign of injury she says it can wait till tommorrow.

A woman passerby has stopped and offered a phone to call 911, and a male taxi driver saw the whole thing and exclaimed some shock and said it was the others guys fault and he saw the whole thing. We got his phone numbers and name, he was extreamly nice also. I did'nt want to keep him from his job so I figured it was ok if he wanted to go since we wernt seriously hurt, and he left. After we called 911, and told them the wrong address apparently a second call got it right and eventually a policeman showed up. By this time we also used the person's phone who hit us to call my folks and have them come to give us a ride. Thank goodness for parents. The policeman seemed like he could really care less about the whole thing, and was not concerned in the least. I have never seen such a laid back cop in my life. When I asked for a report on the incident he said "Yeah sure, if you really want one." as if he could really care less and did not want the paperwork to bother with.

We ended up with a slip of paper that does not say who was at fault, it just lists the two cars involved in an accident. The person that hit us did not get a ticket or anything for nothing. The cop even said it seemed like the "weathers" fault. Um wth is that?! The weather was not driving the car that ignored a red light and plowed straight into us. It was also not in control over how fast that car was going and should have been going if weather was a factor in the first place. Yes there was snow and slippery roads, all the more reason not to barrel through red lights.

Eventually the cop and the guy left and we were left sitting there in our car shivering. The cop didnt even apparently want to call a tow truck from what my girlfriend says. We waited there for maybe a half an hour or 45 minutes or longer till my parents made it through the snow and traffic to get to us. We then had to goto a store and find a phone to call the road side assistance with to get someone to tow our car. So my gf with her hurting thumb elected to go into the store and phone since it was her car and she knew all the stuff to do and all the information, not to mention I am not one for going out at all in the first place. It took awhile, so eventually I went to see what was going on. She got to use the owners cell phone but during the call that clicked out and went dead. Then some guy who was just also nice and friendly helped out and offered his cell phone as we were outside headed to the payphone because it was just so cold out and he didnt want us standing out there. What a nice night for terrible things and very nice people.

Needless to say we went back in made the call, it took forever and the nice guy kept talking to us.. I hate when ppl talk to me.. I like to just pretend the rest of the world takes no notice of me and they dont exist when possible. But he was a nice guy and I could easily see he wanted to be helpful and he was very helpful cause it was a lot nicer inside then out and it ended up being a kinda long call on his bill too.

We shook hands and parted and thanked him for such kindness and generousity and he offered a ride but we explained we had a car waiting for us outside and he would not have to worry that we would be ok. Looking back I feel sort of bad now because he mentioned his car being plowed in from whomever did the lot earlier and I didnt offer to help even if it did'nt look super bad. Oh well, I did have an injured woman and my parents to worry about as well. I guess I cant be responsible for everything and I sorta doubt he would have let me help him after being in a car wreck.

We ended up having to drive back to the car and waiting for the tow-truck, so we sent my parents off to take Mom to the bathroom (heh) and they offered to grab us some Wendy's food so we figured chicken sandwiches would be good, what else for cat lovers anyways.

We waited in the wrecked car till they came back with the food and even some Dunkin donuts since Wendy's had their doors shut and wouldnt let Mom in. Shortly after finishing the food, the truck showed up. Although it could have been a 1.5-3 hour wait, it was only 45 minutes. The driver also told us we were his second last call and there would be no more because it was now a state of emergency. I guess we lucked out, if you can call that luck. So the car got towed, we got a ride home, and we both are alive.

We never did get cat food, but there is still a little left that should work till tommorrow if necessary, just I like to keep the cats on what they are used to if we can help it. Both Buddy and KC got some food and had time apart to eat tonight and hopefully the insurance and the rest will work itself out.

So please keep us both in your thoughts and wish us well, we are going to need it.
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I"m sorry... Sounds slightly familure. I will keep you both in my thoughs, I hope you both are okay. I'm really glad you both weren't hurt really bad.
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I'm sorry for what happened. You had the misfortune to cross paths with the two most dangerous things on the road, all in one package: A driver using a cell phone, while driving, and a SUV driver. If I were you, I'd call the Police Dept, and try to see what's up with that cop. It seems like he was just too lazy to do his job. You are both lucky though, that you weren't seriously injured.
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Oh wow, what a day! I really hope you're both OK. But what a bummer - the guy not getting a ticket! There is such a thing as driving too fast for conditions, and I agree - the weather was not driving the car! I really hope that doesn't hurt with the insurance. Sending thoughts your way.
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Thanks. I just checked the piece of paper, apparently it was a very large Jeep not a SUV. I was not really paying much attention to his car at the time.
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Geez how awful! You are both in my thoughts.
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I hope you are ok. Few things here. First, call the police dept that handled the call. Ask to speak with a sergeant or supervisor and let them knw you are very unhappy on how this accident was handled. Ask to get a copy of the report and make sure they list who was at fault, NOT THE WEATHER. Now, your insurance will not go up if you do not call them. Contact the other guys insurance only, not yours. Then and only then, you can call your insurance if you have trouble with the other insurance paying. I hate SUV's and it is even worse when someone talks on a cell phone while driving. People, stay off the stupid phone. Phone calls and driving do not mix and in New York, that is a ticket. I feel terrible for you, accidents are a pain in the rear end.
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A bit late. My girlfriend already called Her insurance Not his.. even at my questioning as to why real answer. As for him getting a ticket, I am not really looking to give anyone more problems and he was nice enough to offer a few bucks if it would help out. So I will try to find out a way to reach him eventually if necessary. Thanks for the advice though, I wish she had not called her insurance company. *mutter*
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Originally Posted by Cirque
Thanks. I just checked the piece of paper, apparently it was a very large Jeep not a SUV. I was not really paying much attention to his car at the time.
I think a Jeep is a SUV.
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Oh, my! I am so glad you neither one were seriously injured! You will both be in my thoughts and prayers! How scary it had to have been!
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My gosh.....when it pours! You've had such a horrible day! My thoughts are with you and your girlfriend and I hope that today is much better for you.
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Yuck! I am glad you both seem to be okay, and that there were some decent people who gave you a bit of help during all this.

I agree re calling the police department and speaking to someone about this 'report' , this cop might as well have not shown up
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What a horrible day. You were lucky that nobody was seriously hurt. I hope you manage to get everything straightened out with the insurance companies.
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Your/Her insurance should not change if she was at no fault in the accident.
At least that's how it works here.
The guy that hit you, his insurance should pay for both vehicles.
Her insurance should not even be involved.
Since they already are, should still not make any effect on her policy.
It was not her fault and you have witnesses.
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So far she has talked to his insurance now and he did claim to them it was 100% his fault. That is a good thing. However.. his insurance expired on the 8th or 9th and wasn't up to be repayed till the 26th or something. Apparently that is not a major concern if he keeps the same company, but something something he might switch to a diffrent one. My gf was going to call and withdraw her claim from her company on monday or at least see what happens next. So right now the car is sitting at one garage, needs to be moved to another garage (but maybe not if we use his insurance) and we have no idea how much the damage is or if its just totaled. I will keep you all updated if anything new develops.

Oh yes, my girlfriend went to a walk in clinic and had her thumb looked at, and there was no broken bones although they still have to get a radioligist to look at the x-rays. So shes got a splint on it and its swollen and starting to bruise. The guys insurance covered a rental car so at least shes not stranded here all day with me. And it continues to snow like crazy up here and its nasty out.

And Buddy finally got a HUGE bag of Hills Science Diet that should last him .. well I dunno with the way he likes to pig out, but hopefully awhile. I need to find a way to get him not to be a pig so our other cat KC can get food. But thats for another thread.

Thanks so much for all the concern and well wishes, they are as always appreciated.
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Wow I'm glad you are both ok I simperthize with you we have been in a simmular situashion our selves it's not good I hope it all works up keep us posted here's some hug's for you both

AmberTheBobcat it's nice to see you again I have missed the pic's of your butifull babys feel's like forever since I saw you and your babys around last
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Wow, that is an awful new, I agree with some of the peeps here, CALL THE POLICE AND TALK TO THE SUPERVISOR!!! that cop was totally not doing his job to protect the community, if he doesnt care then why bother going to cop school in the first place??!! geeze
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Cirque, I have just caught up and I'm so sorry this happened. How stressful. I'm glad you guys seem to be ok though. Sending you hugs and comforting vibes.
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First off, insurance might be different for me, as I am in Ontario, Canada. But here, if you are in an accident, and its reported to one insurance company and not the other, thats a form of insurance fraud, and you can immediately be cut off of all insurance and find it very very hard to get reinsured at a later date. I know this because it happened to my mother: She was involved in a VERY minor collision (in that no visible damage resulted), that her and the lady both agreed to not report to insurance. The police didnt need to be called, both cars were fine and operational, and so were the drivers. They exchanged names. telephone numbers, and liscence plate information. The woman subsequently made an insurance claim for like a ridiculous amount of damage to an area of her car that wasnt involved in the collision, claiming an accident with a woman whose name and liscence plate she had.... Of course, since mom hadnt reported the accident, she had no proof or anything about what happened. Suddenly my parents insurance got cancelled, for failure to disclose collision information and all hell began. It really wasnt pretty. Id honestly recommend not screwing with the insurance company to try and prevent your rates from going up: that can bite you back in the end wherever you are. Im thinkinig your girlfriend did the right thing in calling her insurance company.
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I know that you are not interested in someone else telling you to contact the pocemans supervisor, seeing as youd rather just avoid further contact altogether, but I highly recommend it. This officer was sufficiently lacking in his civil duties lessons. That was horrible. He could treat some other very shook up people with the same lukewarm, lackluster attitude that he presented you guys with. I am sorry you and your girlfriend had such a horrible day. Good luck with getting everything straightened out for the good of everyone involved!
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The most important thing is that you're both okay... Keep in mind that the car can be repaired or replaced, you two are more important.. I've been through it, too... Anytime something like that happens I just thank God that it wasnt worse and that sounds like it could have been SOOO much worse, so you're very lucky... Keep an eye on your girlfriend since she got a pretty hard knock to the head... The rest will work itself out... The other guy's insurance will have to pay for everything because it was CLEARLY his fault and dont forget to mention the fact that he was on the phone because that will really get him in trouble!!

Thank God you're alright!
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How are you guys feeling today??? My 1st bad accident was the other person's fault.
Just a tip do not accept any insurance settlement until you both know you feel physically okay from the accident. Also that the car situation is resolved to your complete satisfaction. There are insurance companies that want to close claims with the least amount of money paid out. So take care and keep us all updated.
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My girlfriend asked me to thank everyone, especially the person who told her to contact the other insurance company. It looks like she is not going to have to pay the deductable now because he admitted to his insurance company he was totally at fault and they will take care of that for her. Still no word on how much damage has been done, and she kind of got pressured into keeping the car where she had it towed instead of having it moved like her own insurance company asked her too, but hopefully the place she took it is good considering its a dealership.

The accident has caused her to go get checked out at a hospital eventually due to some headaches and because of her hitting her head, and apparently she has found out she might have a small cataract starting. Perhaps it was for the best that we lost a car and found out about this now. Her thumb is swollen, bruised and possibly broken but if it is it does not show on the x-ray they took. Either way I am sure it hurts bad because it looks awful.

So over all we are both ok, the car looks like it will be paid for and we might have found some medical issues to get taken care of before they got worse. Thank you everyone for your continued support, prayers and well wishes. They mean a lot to us both and have proven to be very helpful, God bless.
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Apparently the insurance company wants to pay LESS then what the car is worth, OR she can have it fixed and have her title "branded" because the repair cost is around or over 9000 dollars!! There was quite a bit of panic when she could not find any "Gap" insurance in her documents that came with her car.

"Gap" insurance means that if there is an accident and the car is totaled like this and the settlement is less then what you still owe on the car, it will be covered so you do not keep paying for a car that is a pile of junk.

Thankfully, she found out she DOES have "Gap" insurance! Wooohoooo!!! So at least we are back to square one and won't have to pay for a car that will be turned into scrap metal. I was in quite a panic hearing that they wanted to pay us less then the car had owed still and she might be responsible for paying after someone smashed the crud out of our car. What a pure relief it was to hear shes got that "Gap" insurance!! *PHEW* If you ever get a car and your making payments, be SURE you get that!!

The really cool part, other then not being killed of course, is that she had just turned in a leased car early to get this other "new" (used) car that is now wrecked. The leased car still had payments on it left to be made and those were rolled into the cost of the new car. So, because of this accident and because of the "Gap" insurance covering the diffrence between settlement and total still owed, she no longer has to pay that increased monthy car payment. Assuming she finds a good deal on a new car, hopefully we can pay a bit less each month then we were before this accident.

Now apparently the only thing holding this whole thing up is the title never came to the "new" car. Apparently those take 8 weeks, so hopefully it will get here someday soon and we can get this whole mess behind us and get that sent into the proper people. I have no idea how long the rental car is covered for, but apparently its costing us 2 dollars a day because it was more then insurance wanted to pay or something. Oh well. Life is an adventure, but it sure has not helped me feel better about going out. Now when we go through intersections I tense up and if a car gets close to us I get anxious cause I think they are going to hit us. This is only the second or third good sized accident I have been in, it seems like I would be used to this by now.
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Glad to hear you're both ok. And I'll bet any break on car payments will be a godsend (would be to me lol). However, to all the people mentioning the man being on his cell phone while driving - you have no proof of that. If I had a cell phone in my car, the first thing I'd do in an accident is locate it and use it to call 911 if needed. I'm pretty sure most of you would do the same. From what I've read, this guy made a big mistake while driving, but has owned up to it and done everything he can to make sure it's clear that he was at fault....I don't think we should spend time theorizing about why it happened, but just be thankful that everyone was ok and that the guy was mature enough to take responsibility for his own actions. I think we can all agree that responsibility is often lacking in these situations.
Again, Cirque, good to hear both you and your girlfriend are ok.
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Thanks again. And yes, we have absoutly no proof the guy was on his cell phone.. personally even though its against the law.. as is running a red light and smashing into someone.. I still would not wish him to get a ticket for either, reguardless. If it was me, I would be hoping for that karmic break from life myself and I can understand that life is simply life.. things happen.

Well.. we went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and talked to their car buying people, and got a Tuarus 2003 that we bought. Ends up though that it seems to have a slipping transmission or so we thought, and it was a bit 'bouncy' when driving. We did not like the feeling of bouncing from side to side and back and forth, it just was not a smooth ride. Also paying 2 grand for a 4 year warrenty seemed a bit much after talking to some other car dealers. Well thankfully they offer a 7 day return policy, for a fee of 200 dollars, blech! *WINCE!!* But we did that and ended up getting a 2002 Toyota Camery instead, no ABS. O well. At least the GF whos car is being replaced is content atm and thanks its a smoother ride with a little more room.. and everyone keeps telling her Toyota lasts forever with regular maintaince so if thats true then shes better off. My only concern is the knicks and dings in the body that go through the paint right to the metal or the rust spots I see forming eating their way up trough or down through the paint into the metal. Those really REALLY bother me and will be expensive as heck to fix, and knowing my GF they will end up being left to "rot" and destroy the little value the car will have now that shes bought it. And if thats what I can see with a careful inspection of just the outter shell, how much stuff do I NOT see under the hood or under the car... well needless to say it bothers me considering how much a car, even used, becomes after all the fees and warrenty and other crap they add on.

Her thumb still hurts, my back/neck still hurts, but neither is enough to keep her out of work and I don't work. So that means no insurance settlement unless its 90 days out of work, supposidly. So looking back at this whole experience.. after its all said and done, we have spent more then we would have if this accident never happened, but she ended up with a Toyota Camery instead of a Malibu whos windshield wipers would reguarly freeze up and refuse to work.. for a few dollars more each month, a bunch of headache, and a lot of wasted time and effort in finding a new car that we might not end up even being happier with, although I sure hope she is or at least never lets on if she isnt.

If anyone EVER buys a new car, GET GAP INSURANCE. It saved us 3-4,000 dollars from what the car itself was worth that insurance would pay and the difference in the financing that it cost us after it was paid off that regular insurance would not pay. Because the car was totaled we did not have to pay that "gap". If we did not have that, we would still be paying for a piece of junk that would be undriveable.. remember that.. get GAP! NEVER FORGET THE GAP!! In a lot of states, the car people can not even make a profit and can only sell GAP insurance AT cost.. get it, its worth having!!! Some banks/finance companies even toss it in at no cost its so good to have.

Well everyone wish us well with the Toyota Camery.. its Silver btw. And if you see us coming, get off the roads and stick to the sidewalks, you will be safer!!
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Ok we took back the Tuarus (Enterprise car lady was NOT friendly about it like when she was SELLING the car to us, go figure!).

We picked up the "new" used Toyota 2002 Camery (29k miles) the other day and so far all seems well. There are a couple small nicks and small spots where I can see some rust just starting like on the back quarter panels, but at least my GF is happy with her car again and thats all that really matters.

Is a lot of waxing going to slow or stop that rusting before it gets bad or would it require a full blown paint job after being sanded down and ground out to stop it in its tracks? Right now its just the tinyest pin prick of spots that you can barely feel/see, but I worry about it getting worse especially because of the weather up here and all of the salt used on the roads.

Anyone else have tips about how to prolong your cars "life" besides oil changes every 3k miles?
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