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Meowing late at night?

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I'm having trouble with my cat, he's almost 2 years old and he's not desexed as of yet (within 3 weeks I'll have it done).
He's driving me insaine everytime I go to bed he meows at my bedroom door constantly. He meow is low and gutteral and it just seems to get worse over time. I'm not allowing him into my bedroom because I don't want cat furr in my bed as it will irritate me while I sleep.

I've got a friend who is a vet and asked him about this problem and he gave my cat a check up. He couldn't find anything wrong with him and didn't have much to offer in the way of advice. Mainly he told him things I'd already tried such as leaving the radio on, leaving several different play toys, left the tv on, offered a nice warm bed to sleep in..But nothing seems to keep his interest long enough. A night here and there he will meow only for half an hour but other nights it's non stop. I really can't deal with this problem too much longer..I know that desexing him should help (so I have read) but until then I want to try and reduce his meows.

I'm fresh out of school so I'm only starting to make my way in this "big world"..hehe...so that is why I have lack of funds to get him desexed.

He is a full siamese cat..I wanted to breed him with a friends female cat who is also fully siamese. We thought we could have a litter of kittens together and sell them. She's the one who gave me my kitty in the first place but as it's turning out, I told her I'm going to get him desexed in hope of him letting me keep my sainty at night.

I don't want to give him up as he is my first ever pet (besides godlfish) who I fiercely love.

I come to this forum for advice on how to deal with this situation because this forum seems like a very friendly place and with people who know what they are talking about! I've browsed other sections of this forum for a while but only reccently joined up due to this problem kitty of mine.

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A few notes about Siamese.

They bond tightly with their human beans. Very tightly. I have a 7 month old male who is never in a different room than I am. When I leave for work, he hops up to the windowsill and calls "good bye" to me. And when I come home, he's at the window saying hello.

They are loud. Siamese don't shut up. Think of them like the Irish of Cats; full of blarney and always chatting. Or Shakespeare: Sound and fury signifying nothing...either way, they talk. They talk to the walls, the carpet, the grass, your foot, your hair, you, the food, their drinks...whatever they want to say something to, they open their mouths and let 'er rip. Simon, my siamese, talks in his sleep, too.

How do you deal with it? Let him in your room. Siamese - at least, my Simon - doesn't shed much at all. Siamese have one coat of fur where normal DSH have two; an outer and an under-coat. Rarely will Simon lose his fur, even when stressed (as at the vets). Brush him in the evening before bedtime, and he will shed even less. He's really lonely, without his bean (you). You are his world, and between you sleeping and you working, his world keeps going away and he wants to love on you and be with you. I'd also venture to bet that he won't stay with you the entire night...leaving the door open will allow him to come and go, and he will come and go. Simon loves on me until I shut off the light for sleep, and then often leaves. He is usually at the foot of my bed in the morning, but not always. But Simon can always get to me if he wants...and being Siamese, he always wants.

And please don't bother breeding him. There are so many kittens in this world who are needing homes, adding to them is not really fair. I understand wanting to; I briefly considered it with Simon. But Simon is not papered...and thus any offspring he would have would not be worth anything. If your guy isn't papered, and/or the female isn't papered, your profit would be slight (if at all).

Get him desexed, but also realize you have a Meezer...and they're just a different sort of cat.

Best to you!
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Well said Michele.

Another reason he is so vocal at night is because he isn't desexed yet. He wants a mate, badly ... and so he is trying to call one to come to him. My stud Tonka does the same thing - ask anyone who has ever talked to me on the phone or visited my home - he brays like a donkey.

I agree with Michele that he is lonely for you at night when you close him out, but I also think he should be desexed as soon as you can get it done. About a month or so afterward, he'll be quieter, but he will still want to be with you at night.

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Yep he does bray! It cracks me up, and I don't know how Gaye can handle his talking so much. Or at least that is what I thought until I got a siamese mix. Kahuna would talk constantly, morning, noon and night till he got neutered. Then he only talked right before bedtime-
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He wants to cuddle and know he can explore his territory freely. He wants to mate also. Some cats also suffer from seperation anxiety. My cat will stop if I ignore him generally, so it is not so bad. Distraction is always a good thing, but having to open a door you want closed to distract your cat while your sleeping wont work well. The best solution is as stated, open your door a bit so he can come and go as he wants. If you have to wash sheets every few days, it is worth the love he can bring into your heart. Also as mentioned that is a very talkitive breed that needs a lot of attention and they do bond deeply. Please show him all the love you could ever want and more.
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Thanks all for your responses. And noni thanks for small background information about the breed of cat
My friend actually breeds these cats so that is why I opened my eyes to the option of breeding with her cat.

I did try leaving my door open (when he was much younger) and he slept by my side for most of the night but he would regually pee down by my feet. In the morning I'd have a nice puddle waiting for me to clean up.
I then went about leaving his litter box outside my bedroom door since he wouldn't have far to go but still he repeatedly peed by my feet. So on top of having a reaction to his furr I also had this nasty smell. I did wash the sheets out several times and got the smell right out.

I thought I could put up with it so I did for a week longer until ever night he would distory something in my room. I understand and know that cats want free range of the house (I've owned several before him) but never as distructive as him.
My flat has his toys scattered around the place for him to play with but he easily looses them (which is fine) but will quickly find something else that will take his fancy such as a radio, pillow, game pad,etc.

Because I live in a flat I don't have alot of cubboards to hide all of my stuff and what cubboards I do have have my clothing and other items already in them. I know, I should buy some more boxes to put things in..but I don't want to box things up I use constantly but with the way it goes with him it looks like I might have too. So, this is why I also kept him out of my bedroom. So, I wouldn't have to buy extra boxes to put my stuff in.

However, I haven't let him back into my room because I fear he may my pee in my bedroom room again. Or he will distroys things that are valuable in my room which wouldn't exaclty be the nicest wake up call,would it? :/ My bedroom over his living here with me has become the storage room for everything I don't want distoried by his claws or things I don't want him to get into.

He has free range of the whole flat otherwise but not out doors since I live next to a very busy highway and I don't want to find him squished on the road..I'd never forgive myself if that happened. I'm not appoosed to him being an outdoor cat but because of the busy highway I am against it. And I'm not moving flats anytime in the near future.
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A possible suggestion then -get some good earplugs and use them at night while you sleep.

Also, I have a small wicker clothes basket - you can get them for a few dollars - and the cats toys and stuff that they like to play with go in there. The cats are quite adept at getting out the ones they want, and every few days I will gather them up from around the house and under the furniture and put the majority of them back into the basket. The basket is in the living room beside the sofa and doesn't look untidy or out of place. That might be a solution for you:-). And yes, there are some strange things in the basket that don't look like normal cat toys - belts, almond nuts, a large folder clip, shoulder pads off of a blouse, a piece of fur, . . . you get the idea:-).

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