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sneaking GSE past my cat

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Our 13yo kitty Oppenheimer has regained only a little of the weight that he lost last summer after a bout of pancreatitis. He had dropped to about 5 lbs and now is up to 6.5 or so. His appetite is good and he sees his vet regularly but he seems to be stuck at 6.5 lbs. He still has occassional diarrhea but has tested negative for all the bugs so far.

I got some grapefruit seed extract (GSE) to see if that might help. I understand that it is bitter, so I've started by putting only 1 drop in his food (one 3oz can of Nutro Max). I'm pretty sure I mixed it up well, even added a little hot water to help dilute things. But the little bugger apparently can taste or smell it, as he as been reluctant to eat his servings. I really don't want to do anything that will make him less likely to eat.

Any suggestions on how else to get GSE in him? I've also added a couple drops to each of their water bowls.
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I just put it in cheap soupy smelling cat food- the cats lap it right up. It has to go in canned food not dry-
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Yeah, I was putting in the canned food (this guy rarely eats dry food). I do have some of the cheap stuff on hand, I'll try that in the morning.

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You could try just opening his mouth and putting some drops in there. If it works, reward him with treats afterwards. Another option might be to buy some little empty gelatin capsules and put the dose in there. That way, he never tastes it at all. My kitties are both on medication right now, so I try to give it to them right before I feed them so that they think they are being rewarded afterwards.
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I really wouldn't advise you dropping this directly into their mouth. Contact to the skin and membraines of just straight GSE can cause problems. It needs to be mixed, and or diluted.
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