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Weepy eye

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I am in the process of buying a cat from a breeder. There is one that I'm interested in but the breeder says that the cat has a weepy eye, but no infection. Is there any opinions about whether or not I should proceed with this? Thanks
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Why is the eye weepy? Does the breeder know?

As to proceeding, I guess it depends on whether the weepiness has an impact on your plans. Are you planning on showing or breeding this cat and will the "bad" eye be marked against you or is the cat meant to be a house pet and it doesn't really matter?
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What breed is this cat?

Is this a constant weepy eye? if so I wouldn't proceed with the sale.
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I would recommend against it if you have other cats. It could be a herpes infection and the cat may be a carrier. That particular cat may never have problems related to it, but if he gives it to your other cats, they might not be so lucky. Becky
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IMO, a responsible breeder wouldn't allow a cat with an actively "weeping eye" to leave the cattery until the condition was conclusively diagnosed and able to be effectively treated. I would ask:

1) What is the cause of the weeping eye? Is it viral, such as Herpes or Chlamydia, or was it the result of an injury or accident?

2) Has the kitten seen a vet? What conclusion was made about the condition? What treatment was prescribed and is it working?

3) Is this a long-term condition that I will have to treat over time or is it temporary?

Hope this helps,

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