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I'm baaaack!!!

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Well for tonight anyway.

It's been a busy time what with one thing and another - and my wretched wireless router which I had declared officially offline today. I've spent parts of the last couple of weeks trying to get the darned thing back online and no go. Tonight I'm hardwired into my cable modem - hopefully tomorrow I'll get a new wireless router and get the internet-less student that lives upstairs off my back!! Teenagers!

I've really missed TCS - it's going to take me ages to catch up with what's been going on!!

I'll be posting an update on Adelaide in the feral forum and some new piccies of Lily in the furbabies place.

See you soon.
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welcome back Beth sure have missed you!! I was wondering about you and Adelaide a couple of days ago!!

hope you get the internet problem fixed and you dont disappear again for too long!!!

looking forward to hearing the update on Adelaide
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Yay! Don't disappear anymore... I love the pictures of your kitties and am glad you're back to post more!
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Aww thanks Danielle and Ari.

I really missed being online. I just hope I get it all sorted out tomorrow. It's so nice to be back.
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Oh well - it was nice while it lasted! Time to log off for the night - fingers crossed I get the new router tomorrow and it works!

Hope to see you all soon

Take care
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Hey, Beth! it's good to see you.
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Hi Beth. Nice to have you back. Good luck for the router!
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I'm so happy you came back, Beth!
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Bobbie, Sam & Tina - you're so lovely - thanks No new router today - we normally go into the city on Sunday morning when we take our daughter to visit her boyfriend - but today she's revising for BIGGGG exams tomorrow. These are part of the exams she takes to determine which University she'll go to in September . It's biology tomorrow - that's what she wants to do at Uni. Sooooo - Good luck sweetie, I've got everything crossed .

So, I'll hopefully be getting the new router when I go to work tomorrow - our little town doesn't sell anything as complex as this
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