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Help !

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Hi guys !
I really need your help on this, one of our cat's Monty seems to have a problem with a stray cat that has adopted us , its war, war and more war.
Problem is this poor kitty has decided that , he prefers our household to his own, not that I blame him poor thing.
When we firsy met Moffie he was very thin , we really did think he was with out a home. so we started feeding him.
Our big Prob is Monty is beside himself with jealousy, and no mater how much attention we give him he still will pick a fight with Moofie if I pat him or show him any attention.
Please help

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sounds like a case of the little green monster...
Don't worry, if they aren't hurting each other or drawing blood, I'd let them work it out on their own. If you keep giving in to the jealous one, then he'll keep right on doing it knowing that you'll do the same thing each time.
I have four cats and they don't get along the greatest sometimes and other times, they get along like they were from the same litter.
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Are both of them neutered? That's the most important thing to prevent catfights - to have everyone neutered.
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OOPS! I knew I forgot something! Thanks Anne!!!!!
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Moofey that's the stray as you can see .
We have named him so stray will stay is not neutered.
A small problem there. He still has an owner even though he does not think she is.
The lady lives down the street from us and does not believe in feeding him.
Her reasoning, he is a stray cat he will survive she never bought him he just turned up one day.
That is why he came to us in the first place.
He was so thin , you could see his spine and count his ribs.
I have never refused one of these children a meal and never will.
So I really do not have the right to neuter him.
Not sure what to do here, I have not got the heart to send this little one away hungry, I can not legally keep him.
Monty is making things 100 times worse.
I am so heart broken and torn up about this.

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There's your answer right there. She said it herself, he is just a stray that showed up one day. She has no involvment with him. Besides which, while he is prancing the neighborhood I would bet he is contrubuting to so many unwanted kittens. Whole male cats aren't very attractive to other cats unless they are a female in heat. They also fight alot more. I would just take him in one day and have it done. I am sure nobody would ever notice anyway.
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I agree with Sandie. Just do it! If the lady pays so little attention to the cat anyway it is very unlikely that she would notice. Even if she did notice...who cares! She could be charged with animal neglect because she was starving the cat to death!
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Thanks people
I have often said that if we ever moved, I would just catnap him.
your advice is great.
I will have a chat with our local vet to see how he feels about it as the cat is not mine,then again adoption is a 2 way street. if he has adopted me then I can adopt him.
*hugs* and thanks again

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Lady Hawk - do it!
I am cat-napping my 'neighbor's' cat, Spook this month as he is in the same situation.(re: being not neutered)
Just think of the big favor you would be doing the little guy.
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Thank you Debra,Lotsocats,Sandy,Barb and Anne
Good news!
Moofey has an appointment with the vet for next week he is also going to get immunized while he is at it.
I spoke to Greg (VET) and he said not a problem.
Thanks once again for your support and great advice.
Tish the cat napper LOL
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Yeah for Moofey!! I am so glad you are going to take him in. He deserves much better than what his "so called" owner was giving to him. Make sure and give us an update on him
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fantastic!!!!!!! I hope your cats become the best of friends!:tounge2:
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Hi all
Moofy Is home and one of the family.
Now we wait, for both Monty and him to become friends.
The adoption process is complete .
She has not even noticed that he is missing.

Thanks for all your support and courage

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Congratulatons!! Yippee Skippee!!!! Way to Go!!!! Good For yoiu!!!!
Can you tell I am happy about this?
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I am sooooo happy you managed to rescue the poor kitty! BRAVO!!!!!!!
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Well done! I am pretty sure she has no legal claim over the cat. She says so herself (as she never "paid" for him). Like it's been said, if she ever gave you any trouble, claiming that it was her cat, she can be charged with animal abuse for not taking care of him.

You probably saved his life. Whole cats have a short lifespan on the streets - they roam about and either get hit by cars or injured in catfights.

You should let the effect of the neutering some time to take place. The hormones are still in his blood and the leverl will gradually go down.

When the two cats are together, never shout at them or be angry if they hiss at each other or seem to be aggressive. This is natural and they should take the time to determine the hirarchy between them. What you can do is try and create a positive atmosphere when they're together, giving them treats playing with them and never showing anger at their behavior.

Keep us updated!
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You can still get him neutered. The lady does not seem to care one way or the other. If you keep him a few days he will do fine. She will probably never even notice. Kitties sometimes choose who they had rather be with & he choose you. I would still feed him to. The kitty that I took into the vet this am to be spayed may be someones but they were not taking very good care of her. I know a lady that spayed & neutered a lot of cats in her neighborhood & no one was the wiser. Good luck. Prayers
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Moofy purrrrrrr's his thanks to you all.
I am so happy that the adoption is complete, I have vet record's dating back for months that say I have bought program for 4 cats not 3 and the same with the worming.
She really does not have a leg to stand on , not that I wouldn't fight her in court even if she did.
Moofy chose us and we love him , as for Monty or Mr. Bossy boots as I call him, he will just get used to it, the others dont seem to mind him.
I will try the treats for when they are both together Anne, thanks again to all of you for the courage you gave me.
Oh and yes Debra I think you might be just a tad happy
Your local cat-napper

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You have every right to keep the cat. He need not remain stray. Make him an indoor only cat, have him tested for diseases, and then have him vacinated and neutered. The reason the resident cat cannot accept him is that he is not part of his household, just a visitor.

Your neighbor does not own him. First, no one owns a cat. Second she does not provide, food, shelter or medical care. She is not a responsible pet owner and probably would not worry if he never shows up on her doorstep again.

You are his caretaker. He chose you and your home. And you have shown him love and concern. He is your cat. Treat him like your others. God Bless.
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I just read all the posts and just want to add my "Yippee and congrats!"

I'm so glad you took in the stray and had him neutered. Your neighbor is not the true owner of the cat since she didn't do a thing to take care of it. Animal Abuse!

Cats chose their owners and he has made his decision. Lucky you.

Additionally, should she make a fuss (highly doubtful) the vet can vouch for the condition in which you brought him in. She will have no case.

The kitties will fight for a time, it is their nature to do the dominance dance. They will learn to love and at the very least live with each other.

Very big hugs to you, purrs from my kitties, Dorina
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