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The Adventures of the Gray Menance & Black Avenger

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Presenting the Adventures of the Gray Menance and the Black Avenger

GM: La la la! My tail is sooooooo interesting! I love playing with my tail!

GM: I wonder if I hid behind this door if I could surprise the Black Avenger?

BA: This is weird. I could have sworn the Gray Menance came in here!

GM: Hehehe! The Black Avenger will never find me behind here?

GM: Super sneak attack! HI-YA!!!!!

BA: Aahhhhhh! So we meet again Gray Menance!
GM: Enough talk Black Avenger taste my paw of fury!

BA: Its on!

GM: I fooled you with my small stature! I will now show you that pain comes in small packages!! Bring it on!

BA: Its already been bought!
the Black Avenger and the Gray Menance battled on

And on....

Until it looked pretty bleak for the Black Avenger...

GM: I'm bored.
BA: Me too!

GM: Ok.
BA: Let's go take all the pens out of mommie's bookbag.

Tune in next week for more Adventures of the Black Avenger and the Gray Menance. Same Cat site, same Cat channel!
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Aw! How fun! They've gotten so big!!!! I love your captions too... I'm so glad to see how well they get along!

Ooh and you get to go to London? I'm jealous... eat some Cadbury's chocolate for me!
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LOL! Thanks Ari! Arent they huge! My babies are going up sooooo fast!!!!
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Aww they are both beautiful, I'm so happy they are getting along.
Great pics.
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awwww, yay for more pics of your babies! Although they really aren't babies anymore are they? Can't wait to see the GM and BA's next adventure.
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Great pics!!!
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Great pics and Great Captions! Some of those got me laughing my head off!! Looking forward to more..
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They were great!
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YAY! They are now my favorite super heros!
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ADORABLE kitties, and a highly entertaining commentary!!!
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I love your pictures and your story!

Can't wait for the next episode.
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Awesome story and pics!
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Very beautiful Cats and funny story
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Cool Pics very cute
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LOL! Thanks guys! They actually did take all of my pens out of my book bag! LOL!
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Awww, such cute kitties! Love the stories too!
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That's adorable... I wish Kai had another kitty to play with When I get my own place, I'll get another one!
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Great pics! Great story! You got me hooked on this super cat adventures!
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Oh my goodness! That was the sweetest cutest funniest picture story!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Please continue with stories of the Gray Menace and the Black Avenger!
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