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ummm... oookaaayy...

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okay so today I took Leeloo into get stitches removed from being spayed... a week ago I felt little bumps under her chin and posted about it here and learned that it was probably acne, but I decided to ask the vet about it anyway since I was there... the place I got her spayed at is not her usual vet because her usual vet wanted to charge me over $200 for the spaying and I dont have a job and seriously couldn't afford that... and the place I took her to was very nice very professional and very clean, I loved their service and was even considering switching until now.

I asked the doctor to check under her chin while she had the stitches removed... unlike her usual vet, I couldn't follow her in, I had to sit in the waiting room. The guy comes out and says "I didnt feel anything under her chin" and I was like ummm... oookkaayy well there are bumps there... he made me feel like I was insane or something there are definately bumps there, I even SAW them they are little and red and so I asked him "Hey I read online that its probably cat acne" and he says "yeah that could be it" and I was like um... sooooo... what do I do?? you know? It was just weird, like ,he didnt want to help me out because it wasn't an official appointment and I wasnt paying so I shouldnt get free advice or something I dont know... the other vet I take her to is so much nicer... so now I'm either completely insane and hallucinating bumps under my baby's chin, or he just didn't bother... grrr... her acne IS clearing up a lot but its definately still there... whatever, I'm just going to use the advice I got from TCS and gr.... I just needed to vent... I hate when people treat me like a stupid little girl... GRRRRRRRR
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Never go back to that vet.
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Some vets are good with animals and not good with people. Others are better with people than animals. Sounds like this guy wasn't good with either.

At least Leeloo's acne is clearing up.
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Also, you get what you pay for. Some clinics are low cost for a reason. Often they are busier, or just don't talk to the clients as much. Or have crappy vets.

However, the important thins is she's spayed now.
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I NEVER allow my cat to go out of my sight when at the vet. If they don't allow me in to see what they do, how they do it and to ask questions then my cat doesn't go there. Ever. Period.
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When Zoey has her urine taken they always take her in the back and I usually wait in the examination room or at the front. It only takes a few minutes and I trust them. I think it really depends on the vet and if you trust them. Doesnt sound like that vet was willing to help you for 'free'. That's too bad. Hope you will find a better vet.
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Wow, I've never heard of a vet not letting the pet owner in the examination room. If I were you, I would never go to that vet again. Too bad he wasn't even willing to recommend some sort of treatment for the acne. Some vets are more money hungry than others.
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I'm fortunate in the fact that not only do i go in with them (but if they didn't let me then i'd be changing vets!), but that my vet never hurrys me along if i ever have questions to be asked.
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