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Who did you name your pet's after ?

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Hi guys !
The question is who did you name your pet's after ?
Banjo-our blue cattle X Dingo is named after the poet Andrew "Banjo" Paterson.
Roxane- named after my husband's Roxane never forget you baby
Montgomery- after the field marshal Montgomery(Because he is always planning an attack LOL)
Mishka - After my grandfather
Fred-the possum is more then likely Fred the third or fourth My daughter Ricky-Jo named him Fred .

Ok, now its your turn.

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Twig I named just because he was so small.
Rocket I named because he NEVER stops going,(worse then the emergizer bunny)
isis well, she had lost her last outside kittens and when she was in mourning (I'd guess you'd call it that)hanging around on our steps she just reminded me of a mother figure and so the name Isis goddess of motherhood...(then we took her from outside and the name jsut stuck.
Luna, well, she is all dark gray and has a little round patch of white on her belly so I called her Luna.
Nothing to exciting but there it is!
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When we got Fluffy from the Humane Society, that was already her name & we liked it. Plus, she is kind of fluffy Cinnamon's original name at the no-kill shelter was "Ckickadee" and we didn't care for it. We didn't know what to call her, so we named her Cinnamon because of her coloring. Tigger, because I like Winnie the Pooh & Tigger! My husband named Gizmo, because when he was a baby, his face resembled Gizmo from the Gremlin's. As for Scooter....... because he scoots around! :LOL:
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I've always had a difficult time naming my pets, always wanted something that was not very common, but would "fit" the particular pet. My older cat, Noelle, was named that because when I was an exchange student my host family had two blue British shorthairs and they were called Holly and Noelle, and I wanted to remember them this way. I also got Noelle around Christmas, so the name fit- and Noelle is the easier of the two names to pronounce in Finnish. My other cat is called Vinka, which is a Finnish name for a type of flower, and I just liked the sound of it. It just sounds like a cuddly cat's name. I also tried to pick a name that didn't sound like the other pets' names at all.

My older dog is called Romeo, and it fits him perfectly- he is a real people charmer, everyone loves him. My younger dog is called Tolstoy, I wanted a "literary" name for him too, and Tolstoy sounded good. Tolstoy means fat (or thick) in Russian, so it also fits, this dog easily gains weight. I considered Hamlet for him, but as I know a Great Dane called Hamlet, it seemed silly to name my 18 pound terrier that.

When I was thinking of a name for Vinka, our newest addition, I thought that perhaps I could name her after the time of year I got her at, like Noelle. Well... I got her in July, and so she could have been called Juliet, but I thought that both Romeo and Juliet in one family is too much!
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Michaela Kristin was named after two friends of mine, Mike and Kristin. Mike helped me with transportation to the veterinary before and after Michaela was born (her mother's name is Sesheta Gray — Sesheta after the ancient Egyptian goddess of history writing, Gray because that's what the people who brought her to the animal shelter had named her). I also thought of the television program Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman, whose main character is named Michaela. Kristin is a dear friend and has looked after the cats when I've been away (her cat's name is P.J. — short for Purr Jam).

Tonya Robin is also named after two friends of mine, Tonya and Robin. Tonya the human, with whom I was friends some years ago, once rescued a black kitten (whom she named Ace); and since Tonya the cat is black I thought of them. Robin is one of my "oldest" friends.

William Daniel's given name is purely whimsical! The nicknames "Bill" and "Billy" seem to fit his personality somehow. His middle name was inspired by two friends of mine from years ago, one whose nickname is Danny and the other whose proper given name is Danny.


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We named Violetta after the main character of Verdi's opera "La Traviata", while Lucia is the real name of Mimì, of Puccini's "La Bohéme".
Francis was named by her breeder, and we don't know why.
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We named Sunshine because she is jet black with BRIGHT yellow eyes just like the sun. We named Fuzzy because her fur is like a big cotton ball, she looks about double her size because she is so fuzzy. And Simon we named because even though he has no siamese in him, he resembles my old siamese soooo much. A lot of "siamese features", and we really liked the name Simon.
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Snowball was named because of his coloring. When he was a small kitten, he had pure white, plush fur with light brown ears, and a light brown striped tail. He has gotten slightly darker, but the name still fits.
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Bubba got his name because he was sooooo big when we got him...10 weeks and already 5 pounds

And we named Scrappy, Scrappy because my boyfriend is a big Scooby Doo fan, but we didn't want to name him scooby so we picked Scrappy Doo instead.
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As for our kitties:

Onyx- because hes pure black like the stone
Loco- Means 'crazy' in Spanish i believe, and trust me he IS crazy
Missy- was so small when we got her we called her Little Missy and the name seemed to stick

We used to have a kitty named Gilbert after the cat in the cartoon series "caillou" , he lives with a friend now as he didn't like being around noisy kids.Our cat Fluffy was so named because she had the most beautiful long soft fur. A long time ago we had a kitten named Kewtip (like the cotton swabs 'Q-Tips') because she was all grey except her legs which looked like little Q-tips as they were all white.We've also had cats named Brindle and Tipper in the past. Brindle was a Tortie and reminded me of the brindle coloring on some dogs. Tipper was a grey kitty with white extremities, like the tip of his tail, the tip of his nose and the tips of his paws..thus the name Tipper.
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Fred-Freddy Krueger. He was a tiny kitten with the hugest claws you ever saw. They are still huge.
Leo-He was born on Leo Fender's (Fender Guitars) birthday. He is by his birthdate, a Leo, and when I opened my Cornell Book of Cats to get some clue how to care for him, it opened to a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci. He just could not have been named anything else.
George-George Fullerton G&L Guitars
Pearl-Janis Joplin
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I decided to name Aramis (obviously) after the Musketeer (I had just finished reading "The Man in the Iron Mask").

My husband named Padme after the 'handmaiden' in Star Wars Episode I.

I had a really hard time naming Oliver and think I just decided on that after I had had him for a week.

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Hmmm, mine aren't named after people....see if you can guess what...

and uh, Monty....(that one doesn't really tie in anywhere..:laughing: )

Ok, incase you couldn't guess, heres a clue...
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My cat Nomar was named after my favorite RED SOX player,
Nomar Garciaparra.

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Muffy is named after a character on Arthur on PBS. When we got Muffy, my daughter was really into that show.

Our other cat, Puffy, is named after a rapp musician named Puff Daddy. At least that's what my husband says. I think he's named Puffy because he's, well, puffy.
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Loki is named after the norse god of mischief....
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I used to be an astronomer so I named mine after stars. Zubi comes from Zubeneschmali and Nubi comes from Zubenelgenubi. These are stars in the constellation Scorpio. I believe the names are Arabic (most star names are) and mean northern claw and southern claw.
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