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More Of My Gang And The Rhoda 5(cute cat overload)

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ok im starting a new thread for the gang and the kittens because i must hbe having a slow moment and can't find my other thread lol well the kittens are now 11 weeks old and i had to push back there leaving date by a week they came down with colds but i got some good ones of them and the other guys so enjoy ....


sissy in one of her toy boxes

phyliss after a catnip induced frenzy she wore her booty out

mary did the same thing as phyliss

miss lucy hogging the camera mary is sitting behind her in the cutest pose but lucy decided hey i want in on this

the brother and sister team of lucky and sissy

spike sittin pretty

what you dont see is the roomie with a plate of food and these guys trying to get it from him

this is my cat free office..well that was the original plan but i gave upafter the first hour of trying it cats can be persuasive...this is one our tri-weekly catnip fests

and last but not least dong his eyes amaze me with how blue they are ..there even pretty when hes annoyed with me like in this pic lol ..
enjoy and ill got tons more this weather keeps me in lol i'll be posting bye y'all good days
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Such beautiful babies! They are all extremely beautiful. I just love the three black and white kitties sitting together, so cute!
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You have so many cats....

They are all just precious, though!
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Wow, beautiful kitties, I love Mary she's so beautiful.
Great pics!
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thanks guys ..and ilovecats yes i know i have alot but there taken care of they all have room and we have the best vet in the world beside si have my cat sitters who come everyday and sit and play with them when i cant' and there not all staying the kittens leave in the next couple of weeks ...
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Awwwwwwe! There are all so BEAUTIFUL! And the pics are great! I love the picture of the tuxedo trio! And Dong he is sooooooo adorable! I could just hug them all to pieces! I feel like one of those ladies who sees or holds a new baby and wants one! More kitties! Must have more kitties! LMAO! Moment over! Two is definitely enough!

Is Dong up for adoption too?
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lol shawn thanks and dong was for adoption hes got a long line of prospective people lol but the fbi checks havent come back yet cant just let any of them go to just anyone
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I can't believe all those cats!!! I would be in cat heaven as long as someone took care of the litter boxes and the vet bills for me!!! Your pictures are sooo cute!
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I love the ones of the kitties sitting on the light box! They are just precious!!!

Are you a photographer?
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yep i am kitty and thanks thats one of my favorite ones too
captiva thanks lol im lucky i have anb awesome vet and some awesome "cat nannies" lol they're the bomb
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