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I felt so bad for this little one!

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I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and as I was leaving, I saw the most beautiful little tuxedo kitty scrounging a half eaten burrito. She looked like she had not been out for long, like she was dumped. Her fur was still smooth like an indoor cat. Luckily I had just bought cat food, so I put down a can for her. I didn't have my usual carrier with me, or I would have tried to pick her up out of the parking lot. She seemed to want to come to me, but of course, she was terified. I went back later, but did not see her. It was bitter cold yesterday, and last night. At least her little belly was full, and hopefully she found a warm place to sleep last night.
The Wal-Mart here allows ferals in the garden center, but there are not very many if them. If they are dumped out, the employees usually try to have the local rescue pick them up, or some of them have even takem dumped kitties home. They even allow an adoption board in their pet department.
I am going there again today, so I'll try to check on her.
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O I hope you find her. I would feel bad too if I couldn't help a stray like that. I carry a leash with collar in my glove box all the time so I can pick up stray or lost dogs and help them. Now I wonder arter reading this if I should not have a little cat carrier in there too, just in case........
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Oh hope you have Luck and can find it!
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Oh, I hope you find her and can help her out. I feel so bad for the one's outside in the cold, it breaks my heart. Good luck!
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Actually today bens little sister told me
Look look there is this beautiful black cat that is hurt!
i went to look for it but i couldnt find it.
She said he had a big wound open on his side. It made me sick that i couldnt find him
tomorrow i will go and have a look again during the day time.
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I feel so bad for the kitties outside now too. The snow is probably up to 7 inches now?? The other night I went a dumped a bunch of dry food outside in different parts of the apt. complex but now it's got to be covered. I hope atleast one kitty got some decent food before the snow started.

I wish I could take them all in!!
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