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adjusting to new baby

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does anyone have any advice on helping a 3 year old pampered cat adjust to a new baby?? the baby will be here in 6 weeks and i have just started carrying around a doll in a blanket--advice i read in an article. she didn't care until i started talking to the doll, then she got very agitated, jumped up, meowed. when i bent down to pet her, she bit me.i didn't think she'd react that strongly, now i am very worried.
plus we are moving into a house from an apartment in 4 weeks and i'm worried about all this change. any advice will be welcome

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Well,it will take some time but can be done. Keep carrying the doll around, make sure you give her love at the same time. I would probably start putting baby powder on items she is familiar with. This way the smell becomes normal. This cat is going to go through a lot at one time it looks like. As far as the move, it is wise to put her in just one room while getting everything out and then into a room of her own when you get there. Then make sure before you let her back out, she has some familiar stuff around and accesable. You may even keep her in a room for a few days and let her get used to the new smells. Then let her come out on her own to investigate. I am sure you will get some more usefull info here as well!! Good luck with the move!!
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Welcome Denise!

Sounds like you have a lot in store for the next couple of weeks. Your cat will probably be very stressed from all the changes. When you move, make sure she wears a collar with a name tag and that she's either locked up in one room or closed in her carrier. Many cats get scared when the movers are in and try to escape.

When you do get to the new house, do as Sandie suggested and keep her to one room for a few days. Don't let her go outside for at least a couple of weeks and remember to always have her weas a collar + name tag.

As for adjusting to the new baby, the only thing I would add is that after you have the baby, have your husband take home some item of the baby's clothes before you come back from the hospital. He should let the cat sniff it to become accustomed to the smell of the baby. Give her lots of praise and love (and an occasional treat), especially when she's near the baby.

Congratulations on the coming baby and the new house. Take care of yourself too! It can be a lot of stress for you as well!
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