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What human food can i feed my cat?

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Ive heard of cat owners feeding their cats scraps and little things such as popcorn...however, sometimes ill be eating something and those excuse the phrase: puppy eyes just make u wanna give her something, but what? i mean what kind of food wont make her sick i know she cant have chocolate, or chilli related stuff but there must be a tidbit i can give her now and then besides cat food..

ps. pleeez say a prayer for my little fidget.. she's getting her little self speyed tomorrow bless! and im more worried then her.. mind u i cant stand another sleepless night of an indoor cat in heat! Good luck baby!
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I no longer give Beau table scraps, because he is now on a special diet due to having CRF. But all of his life until now I shared my food with him, with careful restrictions. I would give him small pieces of the meat or fish I ate (always broiled or baked, never fried), making sure it did not have seasoning on it ; a bit of rice, or a tiny piece of bread. It made him happy and it was a nice time for us to be together, with him on my lap while I ate. These days because I must be more careful, but because I cannot explain it to him and do not want him just suddenly to be cut off from sharing my food, I give him teensy tiny little bites of tuna while am eating. He knows it is not what I am eating, but likes the tuna so much he doesn't mind. I don't think that sharing food with your cat is in any way harmful as long as you are very careful that the kitty never gets garlic or onion (or anything seasoned with those things), or salt, and that the meat bits he or she gets are lean, and without bones.
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Do not give her human food. And if you absolutely must maybe something like boiled chicken or hamburger. Never turkey or other meats which can cause panreatitis (sp). And normal human food can just give them a very upset stomach which will mean a trip to the vet and an unhappy kitty.
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Nothing at all would be best - I'd just try to resist the temptation, compelling as the puppy eyes are.
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You will honestly stand a good chance of creating a monster if you feed from the table, or even away from the table, feed your kitty scraps of your food. I do not recommend it!

For an overall read on foods dangerous for dogs and/or cats, click here

Part of that list includes: chocolate, raisins, onions (garlic so far as I'm concerned).

If you want her to have human food, you can boil up some chicken (plain, do not cook with onion or garlic) and use the meat, a bit, diced atop her wet food, or as a special treat for when you use treats (i.e. treats can be for a lot of reasons...reward, appetite stimulation...), and you can use the broth to get extra water into her - add to canned food to make it soupier.

A bit of plain beef, or steamed fish would also be fine

ps...I see no problem with turkey either (again, plain boiled, with her food at her feeding time, never from the table or the herbed turkey you've fixed for yourself).
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I try not to feed Leeloo people food... sometimes she's just such a brat and will grab something off my plate or even out of a pot I am cooking in while my back is turned!!! (she even steals lettuce from salad bowls... she's insane) Whenever I make myself tuna she goes absolutely nuts, I buy tuna in water, and when I open the can I drain the water into a bowl and she lovesit, she'll inhale the stuff in two seconds... sometimes I'll give her some of the tuna plain... but thats mostly it...
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My cats have never tasted table food, and I intend to keep it that way. They only come to the kitchen meowing when it is close to their mealtime. The smell of some things seems to set them off: salmon, pepperoni pizza... they climb all over me to get at a bit of my food. But, once they realize that it won't work for them, they give up and go off to play.
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Never feed at the table. You will create a monster. Always give treats, if you must, in the bowl, so they accept their food too.

Chicken is fine. Plain white rice is okay too. Make sure the chicken is canned, like the kind for salad. Never regular chicken. It risks having bones in it.

Meats, and fruits are fine treats.

Stay away from feline toxins:

Chocolate, onions, chicken bones, any non-cat petfood and grapes.
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If I've learned one thing with my boys, it's not always that they want what I have, they just want to see what I have. Things like salads and chips and sandwiches and chocolate they turn their nose up at, but they'll follow me around the house begging until I let them smell it. Most of the time they're satisfied with just being able to see and smell it, and will walk away happy.
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I felt sorry for my baby girl and gave her food from the table. As a result she got spoiled and want more real food than cat food that I got for her. I have real difficult time to make her eat cat food now. She got spoiled so fast, I could not reject poor kitten asking some turkey or beef.
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I am not sure why Garlic is bad? It is in cat food. Can someone explain or is it just one of the common myths/opinions that it "Might" be bad since onions are bad?
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Originally Posted by Petplace.com
If large amounts of onion or garlic are ingested or onions are a daily part of your dog's diet, the red blood cells may become fragile and break apart. This is due to the toxic ingredient in onions and garlic, thiosulphate. Signs can begin immediately after eating the onion or a few days later. Large quantities of garlic need to be ingested before signs of toxicity are seen. Severe anemias and even death can occur if the dog ingests lots of onions or garlic and receives no treatment.
Link as provided by Pat&Alix.
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Thanks for posting that...here is another good article on garlic in cat food:
article on garlic and cats
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The only "human food" I fed Miko was fresh fish (marlin). He would only get a tiny piece (about the size of a dime) when we had it for dinner. It was always fresh, never cooked, baked, etc. Ever since I switched him over to canned food, he doesn't meow for it anymore. He just likes to smell it.
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