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Newbie...Introductions....Me & My 3 Babies!!

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Hello all.....I am new here. I first came her posting about my terror kitty that I have. I have gotten tons of replies, and I thank everyone for their input.

But now I shall introduce myself, and tell you guys all about my babies.....

First off....Hello to all. I am from Phoenix Arizona......I have 3 adorable little children, and I would love to tell you all about them....

My first kitty that I got was a Calico. We named her Zoe. I got her from a friend of mine. She was the very first kitty that I ever had.....She started to get sick, and at 16 weeks old I had to have her put to sleep because she had Feline Lukemia. I figured the best way to cope with all that, was to get another kitty. (Let me just say, that nobody could ever replace Zoe, but I know that she would want me to be happy, even if it meant getting another kitty) So I got another kitty. Again, she was also a Calico. Most beautiful colors I have ever seen.....We decided to name her Tia Marie. She is the best kitty.....She is the kind of kitty that likes to talk to you. I would ask her questions, and she would always reply back with some kind of "Bllrp" or "Mew" or something cute like that. She has a couple nicknames too. We mostly call her Tee-Tee or Tt. Her newest names are either Tubby T, or Kitty Cow. Why do we call her this, you may ask? Well, it is because she IS a Kitty Cow. She is an adorable overweight bundle of fur. When we got her fixed, I think that the vet forgot to tuck in her skin on her tummy, cuz she has this huge flap of skin that just hangs down, and wobbles when she tried to run......She weighs about 17 or 18lbs. She has the most adorable little chubby thighs, and chubby cheeks....She is the best kitty.....That is my first baby.
Now my second baby I got about a year after I got Tia. I was living elsewhere, and decided to get another kitty.....Again, I got me another Calico. She is more the diluted Calico colors. Her name is Mickey Pee-Wee. She is a riot........Well, Things did not work out for me where I was living, so I had to go back home with Mom and Dad. I had no where to take Mickey, so I brought her home with me. At this point she was almost 8 months old, I think. At first, her and Tt didn't really like each other. Tt was pretty upset that some other kitty was trying to come into her territory....But eventually things worked out, and I decided that Mickey would be best if she just stayed there with Mom, Dad and Tt. They eventually became friends. Mickey always bugging Tt, all day long. Trying to do everything that Tt did. I think she looked up to Tt, and I think that Tt knew that and used it to her advantage!!!
Mickey is quite the strange one. She loves to jump up and lay on my chest, and shove her face into my face, or my hands. She used to have a daily habit of shoving her face into my hair, and nibbling on it. It was weird.....She like to knead at everything.....(Like they do when they are kittens, trying to get the milk from Mommy) She does that on everything she finds.......Then she also has this strange habit of drooling a lot. When she sits on my chest, a few seconds later you see her licking her lips, and then you look down and you have this little wet drool spot on your shirt, from her!!! It's funny.....She does a lot of funny, and strange things.....Guess that is what makes her Mickey Pee-Wee.....She looks like a boy to me...She has huge ears, and always looks like she is drunk. Even in picures. Her eyes are always half open....Ill post a picture soon....

Onto my third kitty....I moved out again, about a year ago, with a friend of mine. He was having a really bad time in life, so I decided to get him something to cheer him up. So I went out and got another kitten. Guess what kind it was? Yep, another Calico. Diluted Calico.....Her name is Sara Bubbles. (her colors look like she has bubbles on her back) She was such a lover and cuddler for the first month. Then my friend and I got into an argument, and we decied to both move out, but I took the kitty with me. I moved into another friends house, which is where I have been since.....Bubbles is 9 months old now......I could just go on and on about her, as I did the other kitties, but maybe it would be easier if you just read my other thread that I had posted, which is all about Bubbles. My Terror Kitty.....


Thanks everyone, for listening. I hope to learn a lot from this site. And I can't wait to read all about everyone else, and their babies.
I will post pictures of my babies, as soon as I can!!
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Sierra and I welcome you, Tt, Mickey, and Bubbles to TCS! So glad you've joined us! Each of your babies sounds so unique and beauiful! Sure am looking forward to lots of pictures! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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hi & welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome!!! All of your babies sound so precious!!!

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Shenandoah and Humble and I all welcome you and your angels!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS! Hope to see pics of your babies!
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