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Can humans get cat flu?

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My sister has just rescued a cat with cat flu . I`m 37 weeks pregnant and my husband is worried incase humans can catch it. Does anyone know if they can?

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No I don't think you can catch cat flu, but because you're pregnant, you're not supposed to clean the litterbox as you might get toxoplasmosis.
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No. You cannot catch "cat flu". I'm not sure exactly what the vet has diagnosed this cat with, but it is not possible for you to catch the virus. You can only catch things like ringworm, other intestinal worms, and possibly some bacterial things (just as they are passed between humans too). Upper respiratory infections and other viruses are not contagious to humans...they are specific to the feline immune system and genetics. But always wash your hands after petting a sick cat, as it can be spread to other cats...also just as a simple precautionary measure.
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Hi folks. Can I just point out that Cat Flu is not a virus. It is not in any way connected to the influenza virus. Cat flu is a only term used to describe a disease caused by one, or several pathogens. It is in no way harmful to human beings. Take care and "Respect the Cat" :-)

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Real cat flu IS a virus, but not one that's transmissible to humans.  All sorts of species have their own flu bugs, and one cause of the flu pandemics we get every so often is a flu virus managing to jump species - remember the fuss about bird flu?  But it jumps very rarely, and cat flu doesn't pose a health risk to humans.  You and your baby are completely safe.

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However because you're pregnant, your husband should clean the litter box due to the very low risk of Taxoplasmosis.  Note though that your risk for this is much higher from undercooked meat than it is from cat feces.  See this article.


And the only way to get it from a cat is fecal oral, in other words you poop poop in your mouth or an open wound by accident.  If you don't change the litter this can't happen.



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I meant to say "put poop" not "poop poop", sorry!

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