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I just wanted to remind anyone moving into a new apt. to check for poison. Some landlords will put it in areas they "think" a cat or dog wont get to but might be accessable to them. When we moved into our apt. the landlord tried to put poison for rats/mice behind and off to the side of our fridge. When I saw that I immediatly told him no way in hell. We have cats and wether or not its a big space, for all I know the cat can squeeze through there or leap the fridge and fall back into that area. Well he did not put the poison there and we also stopped it from going anywhere else our babies could ever possibly get to. Please, keep the poison out of your home and dont take it for granted your little ball of fur wont get into it if its there. Just yesterday our new cat Buddy somehow endedup behind the fridge and surely would have gotten into that poison had it been there! Thank goodness for being worried about something before it happened, if I had not given that a second thought I might be dealing with a sick or dead friend now.