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Barbie finally sleeps

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My rat Barbie passed away today. She had cancer, just like her mother Rain. I had taken Barbie into the vet a couple months back when I noticed the large tumor growing near her hind leg. She was happy and full of life then, so my vet told me to take her home, love her, and as long as she is interested in life..keep her home. Her condition deteriorated... although I had no idea how much untill last night. I went to feed her, and she crawled on my hand, but would not take the small cashew peice I held in my hand. I picked her up and noticed that her toe was at an odd angle and swollen. It was broken, and her nails were black. She had stopped grooming herself. I was heartbroken.

This morning, as soon as I could get myself and my boys ready, I took her to the vet and put her to her peaceful sleep. The boys & I got to say our goodbyes.

The thing about all of this is...back in March, my husband took Barbie and her mother Rain in, when I didnt even want them (we already had 2 others), and when we separated, I had formed an attachment to Rain, so I said that I would take the girls, and he would take the 2 boys that we already had. I had to watch both of these precious souls get sick and die. I hate this. I hate seeing animals in pain, or sick, or dying. I am happy about one thing though... That I got to be the one to love them and care for them before they passed on.

Thank you for being in my life Rain & Barbie! I will miss you both!!
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I'm so sorry you lost both your girls. I had a few rats in my life, the one that touched me most was Bino. She was an albino girl, who escaped out of her cage a lot. One day, even though I hunted and listened all day long, she never came home. I found out that she had drowned. I was heartbroken.

I completely understand how wonderful little rats can be. I also remember what a close bond my rat Bino and I had. I had her from the day she was born, a cute little pinky, until she was 6 months and 25 days old, when she passed.

I'll keep you and your boys in my thoughts. I'm so sorry.
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I feel for your pain. Rats are such special creatures. I used to raise Mice and Rats among other small animals. Even though most were sold in bulk, I was very attached to some of them more then others. I still think about them many years later and miss them, but I look back on that part of my life as a fond memory for the time I was able to share with each of them. I still think about getting maybe just a single rat again, but I tell myself it would be horrible if the cats ate him.
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Originally Posted by Cirque
I still think about getting maybe just a single rat again, but I tell myself it would be horrible if the cats ate him.

I had my rats before I got Dinah, and that was a big concern of mine. Although, in the beginning, Dinah was VERY curious about the "moving things in the cage", she found out real quickly what would happen if she tried to mess with them. Rain got ahold of Dinah's paw one day when Dinah put her paw through the cage. Dinah never touched that cage again!

And when I took the rats out, I made sure Dinah was asleep in another room or outside. I never had any issues.

I do want to thank you, and Rage for sharing your stories with me. Rage, I am sorry about your loss of Bino.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Rats are special little critters. But sadly they are very delicate creatures. I've had many rats throughout my life. The one we have now is Owen and the cats quickly learned to leave him alone (after a few toes got nipped!)
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I am also very sorry for your loss I have never had a pet rat - but I have had pet mice and I do know how they can melt your heart...

It was a beautiful tribute you wrote to both Rain & Barbie

RIP Rain & Barbie
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I am sorry that you had to make the hardest decision of all for your little Barbie. They are here for such a short time but in that time they make such a difference to our lives. My thoughts are with you and your boys at this sad time
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RIP sweet Barbie...
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I'm sorry to hear about Barbie. I used to have pet rats, and thus know what wonderful creatures they are. Unfortunately, they're very susceptible to cancer, and leave us too soon. RIP, Barbie.
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I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
R.I.P Barbie
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