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CookieDoe is gone...

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April 14,2003 - January 4,2005

CookieDoe was diagnosed with leukemia and cancer of the lymph glands about a year ago this month. He passed away just before dawn on January 4. We will miss CookieDoe very much as he was a very special and sweet little boy. He is the son of Big Daddy and a little black cat named Emily. He was met at the Rainbow Bridge by his brother, Licorice, and 2 sisters, Taz-Mina and ShilohRose. He will be missed by his brother, Wacky, and sister, Starr who are still here with us. They seem to have been spared the horrible illnesses that took their siblings. Big Daddy and Emily as well as Wacky and Starr are all spay/neutered so the "buck stops here" so to speak. There will be no more pain and suffering due to that line.

To my CookieDoe:
"For you there'll be no more crying...
For you the Sun will be shining...
And I love you, I love you, I love you like never before...
Like never before...." "Songbird" by Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac).

I buried you in my garden next to Possum. In the spring I will be planting lots and lots of flowers. Hopefully you and Possum will come by sometime and run and play in them. Please come by and say hello. I love you and I miss you. Thank you so much for all your sweetness and light. I will never forget you.
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Oh Nan my Heart goes out to you, may you find comfort in knowing that you will see them again
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As I take Elmer to cross the bridge tommorrow morning I will let him know to look for CookieDoe. BooBoo Kitty is already there and will be happy to play with them both I am sure. I wish you all the best and I feel for your pain.
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HUGE hugs to both you!!!! Gina
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I'm so sorry. He was a handsome man.
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I'm so sorry Nan.

R.I.P. CookieDoe dear

May you both find peace and joy of each others company and memories of the time you have had together and with the knowledge you will all be together again.
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I am so sorry to hear about CookieDoe
Many to you. CookieDoe was a beautiful boy.
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what a beautiful tribute to CookieDoe it brought tears to my eyes..... such a handsome handsome boy

RIP sweet CookieDoe
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What a beautiful baby she was. I'm so sorry.
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Lukemia always seems to me to be a sort of 'spiteful' desease. I lost my first cat from it so I know how quickly it can debilitate - it is truly awful.
I am so sorry about Cookie but he knew he was loved and missed.
Feel glad when the spring flowers come through as I am sure Cookie and Possum will be running through them.
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Oh Nan my thougths with you, RIP sweet Cookie Doe...
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RIP Cookiedoe! Nan & you will meet again sometime! Fly free little one!
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So sorry for your loss, he is pain free and playing at the bridge now, hugs
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I'm so sorry. RIP, CookieDoe - you were, and are, much loved.
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He was very beautiful, I'm so sorry for your thoughts and prayers are with you.
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