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Please Help!!

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I'm new...and so worried about my new kitten....

I adopted a 13 week old himalayan girl kitten from a breeder a week ago and the day before i got her she had gotten her second round of shots and had a bath the next day and then moved to her new home with me on a cold day the same day and then was in the process of changing from adult food to kitten (as breeder had her on adult...don't know why) so, she has had a bit of diarreha and that seemed to get a little better but the last couple of days i've noticed blood in almost all her movements except maybe 4 or so and she goes about 4 or 5 times a day. I'm not sure what feeding schedule to use..i'm giving her about 1/4 cup or more a day and mixing the adult and kitten..and feeding about 5 times a day little bits...she seems to go to the bathroom within a half hour or hour and there is usually a trace of blood...i've called the vet and they say this could be from all the stress she's endured...but it had got better and now it's back...why???

she seems normal otherwise...not as active today...but i think it's cause she ate more than usual...should i rush to the vet?? i don't want to take her out in the cold again if not necessaryl...the vet doesn't seem to think it's completely necessary if there aren't other symptons...then again that was when she thought the blood only went on for a day..it's been about 2 or so now but she's normal otherwise???

help please..

so worried!
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It sounds like one of two things, the first being the change in food. It could have upset her digestive tract. Generally speaking it's best to gradually switch the food by mixing the new with the old. The second is a "parasite" called Giardia or another problem, Coccidia. The vet should be able to run a test on her feces to see if this is the problem.
Just one thing to keep in mind as well, food can sometimes be an issue with cats. Some tolerate certain foods better than others.
IMO, since this kitten came to you with a little cold, and now some digestive problems, a trip to the vet in the near future would be a good idea.
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Once nice thing about checking a stool sample for the parasites that Sandie mentioned...you don't have to take your kitten in You can just take in a fresh stool sample and request that it be tested, explain the symptoms you are seeing and your concerns.

Please keep us posted?
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