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Questions about Upper Resp. Infections

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In August, we brought home our new 4 month old kitten from a breeder. "Lucy" was on Amoxycilin due to picking up a bug when she went in to be spayed. She had 3 more days of medicine & seemed to be fine for about a week.

After, she was "snorkly" in her breathing and did some open mouth breathing. Her eyes were watery. I took her to the vet who said her heart & lungs were fine, but she has an URI. So, she went on Baytril for 10 days. She had gotten better, then immediately got worse after the medicine ran out.

At that time, my 14 yr. old cat "Fees" was getting green snot in her eyes, so I took them both in. The diagnosis was URI for both (even though both have had all shots-some URI's are not protected by shots). This time Fees was put on Amoxycilin & Lucy on Baytril.

5 days later, Fees' condition was worsening. She had a snotty nose, sneezing, coughing and would only eat if hand fed. Lucy was still snorkly, and decided not to be so nice in how she took her pill, so my hands were deeply scratched (even with restraining her).

Back to the vet. This time both were put on the type of Baytril you rub in their ears. At this time, I isolated Fees so she could rest better and since she was so much sicker that Lucy, I figured I'd protect Lucy somewhat.

After 10 days, Fees was improving. She started eatting on her own, purring and played a little. Her cough went away, but she was still sneezing. The snotty nose dried up. Lucy was better, but not 100%. I called the vet and got another 5 days of medicine.

Today, the last of the medicine was used up, but Lucy's "snorkly-ness" and watery eyes came back mid week (even though her eatting is great & she's active). Fees is still holding her own with eatting, but her nose started to run again & she's still sneezing. The vet gave both girls Panmycin & Interferon. The vet said the interdermal form of Baytril must not have been absorbing properly, as both girls remained sick. She said I didn't have to isolate Fees, as they both have the same thing. So, Fees is free to explore her house again, although she does prefer her special room.

Sorry this is so long. My questions are:

How much longer will we be going through this? (The vet said URI's last 1-2 weeks, but obviously we've gone longer).

Does anyone know the best medicine to treat URI's?

I also have used steam from a shower to treat the girls when they were really congested & run an ionizer machine in the room Fees likes. Any other ideas?

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All I can say is my cat has a Staph infection, for which she is on an oral pill (orbax)...she has badly ulcerated ears from it.

She is now on Baytril, in her ears. Too soon to tell if it is helping.

She also came down with an upper repiratory infecton, for which the doc put her on Gentomicin drops, in her eyes and nose.
Again, too soon to know, but her sneezing is reduced so far.

Sorry, that is all I know. Maybe your kitties need the nose drops also.
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The best antibiotic for a URI in cats is Zythromax. It is a pediatric antibiotic that my vet had prescribed for my cat's URI. It worked wonders! It's a little expensive but well worth it.

Since they've both been exposed, there is no sense in isolating them. I have 7 cats and when one of them comes down with a URI, it's useless to isolate them. It takes a week to 10 days (I think) from exposure to actually getting a URI. The key to getting rid of the URI is to make sure they take ALL of the medicine till it's gone. It is more difficult in a household with multiple cats to keep every cat from getting it. I just let it run it's course. Some get the URI some don't. It's a crap shoot.

Good luck.

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What exactly does URI stand for?

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Upper Respitory Infection
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Thanks Sandie!

DUH me! I just referred to it in its full name, not with the initials. Sorry, I had a brain Fart.

A URI is what my cat has. (along with the staph) She was getting better for a few days, and now her eye looks terrible, and she is sneezing again. I am so worried. She just won't heal.

Mara Sue , I know what you are going through.
I really do.
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Hi everyone-

Just wanted to thank you for your support & give an update. Fees continues to bounce back & is coming out of her sick room more & more, getting her purrsonality back, meowing (weakly-her voice sounds like the cat version of laryngitis) and still has some sneezing jags. Lucy was getting worse, we were up all night with her on Tuesday due to her struggle to breath. I took her to the vet on Wednesday & we did get Zythromax (thanks donna for the info!). Both girls will be on that & continue on Interferon. Lucy's still snorkly, but is getting some spunk back.

Just a funny aside, the vet thinks we should consider plastic surgery on Lucy when she's fully grown to enlarge her nostrils. They are almost non-existant, and that's making the URI harder to fight! Lucy is a Scottish Fold, but her nose is similar to a persians. The vet was going to give her nose drops & couldn't even demonstrate how to give them, as most of the drop went everywhere but in her nose!

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