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Originally Posted by captiva

Thank you. I tried PM you but you box is full It's sooo bad in Minnesota, that you can't see a dang thing And then the snow knocked out the St. Paul cam! Thanks for sharing the webcams! That is a brilliant idea, really! I had to laugh at my DH tonight because he said "In Minnesota it's coming down 2" per hour and that's ALOT" He was rather stupid about the whole thing. I said, "Well, O.K., that means if it only snows for 3 hours, that's six inches" Now he's going to rub it in my face since it's been snowing all day.

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in israel its never snow also
and i have never saw snow before - all we have here is rain and hail if its realy cold

its nice because our kittys never suffer from the cold
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Hey guys, I was just watching the Weather Channel, and it looks like you're still getting slammed really bad on the east coast. And you're getting high winds and bitter cold temps too. We have sunshine here in SE MN right now, but we still have high winds which make the windchill 15 degrees below zero!!!

Hurry up and get here spring!!!!!!!!!
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Here's a couple of pics:
We wound up with about 12 inches of snow...:ice:
This is icicles outside of my back door, taken through the backdoor screen, couldn't get the door open...too much snow in back of it!

And the pine tree next door:

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ack! weve had snow..
it was snowing all weekend!
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Hi all,

We got snow over the weekend, 3 feet, and there expecting alittle more this week, (not sure where we are going to put it). I guess that is New England weather for you.

Hope everyone is safe, well and warm.
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I promise, I won't post anymore snow pics this winter. I can't help myself Here are some taken this morning.

I don't know if it will show up, but there are deer tracks in the snow. For the second time this month, I was heading up to bed and as I was going past the front door there was a deer there staring at me. Crap! I'm not expecting them to be there and initially I just see this huge form at my front door and it scares me to death

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There are some really beautiful pictures of snow in this thread. Europe has been hit with more snow than usual, and really bitter temperatures. It was minus 39° C. in Bavaria Friday night. We only got down to -12° C. in this area. The really strange thing is: Algeria got snow! It's the first time in 27 years that it has snowed in the Sahara.
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I love the snow!!! This has been a great winter so far. You have to get out in it, makes it fun. I don't know, when we get a big snow, I always feel like a little kid again.
Here are some pictures from this past December when we had about 2 1/2-3 feet of snow. The town just north of me by 8 miles had 4 1/2 feet of snow!! This is in Geauga County, part of the snow belt of Ohio.
Early December looking down my street.

Looking out an upper bedroom window towards the back of the house.

Part of my neighbors front yard with their cars buried.

The back with my wife's car.

The front with the huge pine trees

I almost forgot these. Boris and I enjoying the snow

So, lets get out and go play in the snow. Lets see some snow angels
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I love seeing your babies outside enjoying their snow adventure! You guys get a lot of snow up there!
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We've got 15 inches and it is still falling. The cats have investigated it on the balcony, but 30 seconds is about enough and they are back to their comfy chairs!

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Guys - your snow pictures are wonderful. I'm having my snow vicariously through you this year. All the times it was threatened it never turned up. We've had about half-a-measly-inch all winter; it lasted for the afternoon and night then went . So post as many snow pictures as you like - they're fantastic.

But....when the woman from Disney phoned my hubby last week, she did say that the weekend we'll be in Disneyland Paris is the weekend where they traditionally get snow there . I'm packing my big hat, scarf and gloves and hoping it snows!!!!!
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