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Im from Minnesota as well and not far from the twin cities and we got hit hard as well my hubby just finally got out to plow the snow ......we manage a turkey ranch and we have 2 farms to care for and in order for us to get to the other farm we had to follow my hubbys brother (who driving a payloader ) while we followed in the truck ...i dont mind snow but not all this blowing crap
we had to dig our way up to the barns this morning and by the time we got that done we were to tired to even do chores ...lol
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Here's a picture I just took of the snow here in NJ... It's up to about 5 or 6 inches so far and still coming down hard.

and another pic just because I think it's cute.

excuse his dirty face.. he likes to dive into his food
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Hey - how do these cats keep showing up in the snow thread? That kitty is adorable!
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haha Sorry, I was putting the pics from the camera onto the computer and saw this one and had to show it. Can't resist the kitties. lol

I really feel like some pizza. I wonder if anyone would deliver in this snow for a nice tip??
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Nice pics Chris and Katie....love the kitties too.
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Beautiful snow pics! I love the way the pine trees look when there all snow covered. The two kitties are adorable too! I hope the one outside is ok, I think it's finally up to 12 degrees here, I sure wish that temperature would go up soon!
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Oh I love the snow pictures. I can't wait to see more. Elrick, your pictures are breathtaking. I have never seen pictures of snow at the beach.
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The snow hasn't started here yet.....but it's coming. The sky is very gray and has that "snow look" about it and the temperatures are dropping. It's currently 36 degress with a windchill of 24. I'll post some pictures of our snow as soon as it starts.

Keep warm everbody!

Here's the skycam on top of the hospital where I work pointing toward downtown Nashville. Looks pretty nasty, cold, and gray outside, doesn't it?

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Originally Posted by Juniper
It's snowing very hard here right now, and there's about 15 centimetres on the ground already! Blech, I hate snow!
I agree. I think the weather forcast is calling for up to 30 cm before the storm is finally finished!

Here's a pic I took last month when I went to visit my mother during the Chrismas season:

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heres kayko and brownie they love the snow

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sorry some of them are blurry its really hard to take pics of moving dogs LOL

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What adorable little dogs!!!! Are they Yorkies? I think there's another breed that looks very similiar to a Yorkie. (Silky Terrier maybe?)
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one is a yorkie thats the brown one and the silky is the whiter one its his first snow

your a very good guesser lol
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I will have to take more pics.. It's been snowing now for about 7 hours or so and it is still coming down hard and we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow

It is very pretty but when is it going to stop???
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They look like they are having a lot of fun, great pics.
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your in jersey im in staten island it gonna stop tommorrow night and we will get 12 to 15 inches
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Well it has started here now and the temperature is down to 25 degrees. (dropped 11 degrees since my last post only 2 hours ago)

I tried to take some pictures from my house, but they didn't turn out that good. I guess we're not getting hit quite as bad as some of you are.

And here's Nikki laying on the couch enjoying the lazy day. (sssshh....don't tell her that I put her picture on here)

This is when it first started snowing. It was the boy's "first snowfall" so they were excited to see it.

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Cute little doggies! Beautiful snow pictures everyone and thanks for sharing
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Really great pictures everyone!!
Robin, I really like the pic of all of your kitties lined up looking at the snow.

Here's a picture of the street I live on taken earlier, now the snow is much much deeper. Have to wait until tomorrow to get more pics though, it's too dark out now.

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Well it looks like were getting the storm you all had. We're supposed to get between 25 and 35 centimeters (about 10-15 inches). We already have about that much on the ground now. I'm not looking forward to more. I'm sick of shovelling!! We've already had two big storms this week... this one will make it 3!!!

I hate winter.
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Nice pic Robin, love the kitties watching the snow.
Nice pic Diane.
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Heres Shadow playing in the driveway today.. I hate snow! I was snowed in, BAH!

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Yay nice pics Stacy!
Love the kitty.
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I don't think Shadow likes the snow too much!
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It stopped here......didn't even cover the ground good.
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Beautiful snow pictures everybody!
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youre welcome!! Too bad Finnegan couldn't go out too since he got neutered Tuesday but Shadow didn't want to stay out long anyway since it was only 11 degrees today.
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People here in Morgantown WV go CRAZY when it's going to snow.... They crowd the supermarkets and buy all the water and canned food.... it's pretty funny to watch!!!
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Sylent Rayne, Juniper, HopeHacker:Thank You!
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