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Teeth Whitening Strips Technical Assistance please

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Has anybody here ever use those Teeth Whitening strips made by Crest? The toothpaste company? I bought some a day or 2 ago and I havent used them because I am scared of bodily side effects.... I know I should've read the package but I wanted to get some TA from my friends at TCS first, to see if anyone has used them and if they worked.

So... Has anyone used or tried them yet?
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You should really call your dentist and ask if they are safe for you to use. If you have caps or crowns, your teeth will look funny if you use them, same goes if you aren't keeping regular dental appointments and need work on your teeth, you could wreck that as well. Some dentists enthusiastically endorse them, others warn you against them. So talk to your dentist the one who knows your teeth
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I've used them and I've had no problems but Hissy is right.. you should check with your dentist first. I think I read if you have caps or crowns they won't whiten or won't whiten as much as normal teeth... not sure though.

Just check with your dentist first... and if he says OK go for it. They work pretty well. I do need to get them again though....... I drink way too much coffee. haha
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My dentist endorsed them to me. I have used them. They do work. My dentist also recommended them over any of the 'paint-on' types of whiteners.
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I tried crest premium white strips and I HATE them. Right after I put them on I had the most horrible stabbing pain in my tooth. I do not have a cavity or sensitive teeth. I tried it again a day later and it happened again. I am DONE with them. It felt like my tooth was being drilled into with no novacane.
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I have tried a multitude of tooth whitening products this past year before the wedding I couldn't stand my tooth situation anymore (I had a crappy bonding job on a front tooth that I finally had replaced with a very nice crown!!) so I went and had Britesmile and, even though I had a few "zingers" of sensitivity that day, the treatment worked really really well. then I had the crown done to match the new color of my teeth, and after that I have been using the crest strips to "brighten up". I do think they work, but dont expect toilet bowl white or anything, and certainly take a break from using them if your teeth start to feel really sensitive, no matter what the packaging says. in fact, if you know have sensitive teeth-proceed with caution...

hmm, I should reinforce what hissy & gratefulbear said-they will not change the color of anything artificial in your mouth.
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