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I have 5 cats who are all females, so it took me a while to get them all spayed. I had Cricket and Sammie spayed about 4 months ago, Miss Kitty was spayed last month, and I just brought Sayla and Chloe back from the vet today from being spayed. When I brought Sayla and Chloe into the house, they seemed to be feeling well so I let them walk around a bit to meet and greet with the other kitties before I put them into the laundry room for some quiet time. Of course, they both dashed over to Sammie, who is their mother and began to rub up against her. Sammie then proceeded to smell them, and she obviously didn't like what she smelled because she began to growl and walked away. When Chloe walked up to her again, Sammie swatted at her with her paw and Chloe ran. They always had the best little mommy/babies relationship (they were together ALL the time), and now I'm worried that Sammie won't have anything to do with her babies. My mom keeps telling me that eventually they'll start loving each other again, whenever the vet smell goes away, but I'm not so sure.
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Don't worry, they will love each other again. But you can help it happen a bit faster with vanilla. Put some vanilla behind their ears and at the base of their tales (on their backs not bottom..). Then they will smell the same and it will cover the foreign smell. You can actually do the same always when you bring a cat home smelling foreign, to cover it up.
Let us know how it goes and welcome
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