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Americal Idol

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I had American Idol on the other night but wasn't paying much attention to it. I was just to lazy to find the remote control. All of a sudden my cat started freaking out. Then she calmed right down. I had no idea what was wrong. She did the same thing again a few minutes later. I finally figured out what was bugging her. She didn't like the horrible singers that were auditioning on American Idol. After that I changed the channel and it never happened again.

I thought it was funny and had to share.

Princess, George, Sweetie, Blackie and Patsy (the music critic)
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No way! That is too funny! I wonder if anyone else has had the same thing happen with their cats... that'd be hilarious!
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ROFL!!! Now, THAT is hilarious!!!!
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That's funny!!! I had on the first episode and one of the girls who mangled the national athemn was so bad it woke Winnie up and she couldn't figure out what was going on!
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I was pretty bored by it this time around. Even the bad singers didnt do it, it all seems sad now.
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I cant watch from the beginning... kind of like watching football ALL season looonnggg.... Its more exciting at the end...

Maybe they should have a Pet Idol.......
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