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Thank You Pinkdaisy226!!!!!

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I wanted to post so everyone knows what a wonderful friend Pinkdaisy is!!! I just got a package in the mail for my birthday! I recieved an adorable magnet that says "no outfit is complete without cat hair" 2 flavors of bubble bath from Victorias Secret (mmmm I know what I'm doing tonight) and post it notes!!

Okay so some people might be like... geee post its.... but we were talking one night and somehow got on the topic of how we're post it junkies. So she sent me some lovely post its with shakespeare quotes as well as some lovely polkadot ones.

Meish wasn't too enthused from the bubble bath....
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Awwwwww what a wonderful gifts!!!!

and about the Magnet it´s totally true!!!
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Yay - I'm glad it got there so fast and that you like everything! Ya gotta have the post-it notes! Although it's not your birthday for another... 8 and a half hours missy! Oh well.... Happy Birthday!

That picture of Meish is THE cutest one yet...
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Very thoughtful of her, and the magnet is great!
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i love that magnet, now i just want a tshirt with it
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Wow, great gifts...love the magnet too.
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Great gifts! My SIL gave me a magnet just like that!! Ain't it the truth, though?!!
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Ariana is a wonderful and fun person! What nice gifts she sent you on your special day!
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That was very sweet!! And what neat gifts, too.
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Wow-you are a special friend! I need a magnet like that with a dog sitting next to the cat too--I get more dog than cat fur on me!!
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You're so great, Ari!
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Aw great gifts!
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Aw shucks, you guys! It was nothing... when I win the lottery I'll do it for all of y'all! Yikes, better start buying the tickets, hmm?

Happy Birthday Beth!
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