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Ok - the first face to face is behind me. Let me tell you what happened and please give me any suggestions, comments that can help.

As soon as I let him in to the den he went after her, swating. She of course was hissing and growling and she started swating back. I grabed her to get her out of the line of fire. Loki just circled the room seeming to clam down, used her litter box and ate her food. Then he tried swating her again. Piper
was growling the whole time and it even took about 10 minutes after I removed him from the room for her to stop growling.
The whole scenario took about 10 minutes. I have a feeling that Loki might also be reacting to her growling and hissing.

I'll try again in abt. 2 hrs. once everything has calmed down. And yes I did try and distract him and her - more success on his side.

Since I took her in due to unfortunate circumstances I was aware that the previous owner warned that she dosen't always get along with other cats well. She was supposed to be an only cat!

Help!!! Thanks
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Helen, were they "just" swatting each other and growling or were there any full body tackles? If it was just swat and growl, that is not unusual. The fact that Loki used her litter box and ate her food was his way of asserting dominance. Although I know this was awful for you, I don't think it was a failure since they really didn't try to hurt each other.

If you are too uncomfortable to try it this way again. You might put Piper in a cat carrier in the den and bring Loki in. Give Loki lots of attention and let him know that you still think he is King despite having the other cat around. Try doing this a few days (always treating him like King and pretty much ignoring her) until he chills out a bit.

But...the swat and growl routine is pretty typical for new introductions, so I really don't think you need to use the carrier...it is more for your sake than for theirs.

You might also arrange a special King-kitty place in the den. The King cat likes to sit in the highest location in the room. So fix a perch for Loki and take him in and let him claim it as his own while Piper is out of the room. And...once he knows it is his spot bring Piper in while he is in the Kingly place.

Overall....I have to say that this is going okay. Expect for them to get used to each other slowly and for there to be more swat and growl events. As long as there are no bites and tackles it will be okay. Honest!
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Thanks for quick response and the reassurance. You are right I dooooooooooo hate this part!!!!! From what I can tell it's just swating - no biting or full body contact - but I also did not wait to find out.

Just finished the second session - it went a little better. Instead of the carrier I held her with him having the run of the den. He was quite calm and even followed my mother out of the room for a minute or two. He could not care less that I was holding her, he just went about his business - not a hint of jelousy (funny isn't it). I think by letting him into the
it actually calmed him down. I hate to say this it's mostly her - I get the feeling that she might be afraid. While holding her she only growled when I turned towards Loki as soon as I turned away she stoped. Ok maybe if given the chance he would also still try to swat her.

I'll try it this way for a little while
a couple of times at night after I come home from work until she feels more comfortable in his presence. Do you think this would be would also work - instead of a carrier? After a bit - I would go ahead an put her down again
and see what happens.

Again thanks soo much I could not do this without you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This morning we did the same again - Piper in my arms Loki just very calmley walking around the room , eating some of her food and checking to see what I had in my arms (you know like a package I brought home from the store and wanting to see what was in it)

I think Piper's reactions are not "agression" because she wants to just hurt but because she is very afraid. Can't blame her - she is a retitred breeder - 4 1/2 yrs. old. She had 4 litters and was shuttled around a lot from breeder to breeder - you never know hat kind of experinces she migt have had. I think Loki is only reacting to her since he dosen't know what else to do (he never had a bad experience in his life) and of course it's - just like a man hehehehehehe. I'll keep doing this for 1 week as often as I can and try again with them both on the floor next weekend - hopefully Piper will feel a little better about Loki by then.

What do you think?? I do no know how often I can keep saying thank you - but I will!!!
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It sounds like you are doing a great job. Try letting Loki sniff Piper's tail or back while you are holding her in a way that she can't see him. Since he seems to be pretty cool with things now, I think that holding her and providing lots of reassurrance to her while he is out and aboutis an excellent idea. Can you set things up so that there are a few places she can escape to if she feels threatened?

It really does sound like the introductions are going well. Keep up the great work...and keep your chin up!
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Thanks I too think I am on the right track.
Had company this afternoon so I was only able do it again this evening. When I first hold her she does have what I call 'Inner tremmors" - tonight was already better again. When Loki was doing his thing, not even a reaction to her complaints (I am soooooooo proud of him!!!!). The point i am trying to make is that tonight it was let's say 75% complaints and 25% growling. I actually had to kick him out of the den - MEN never know when they expected to make a gracious exit heheheheh - just kidding. After that I stay with her tell her good was and give her plenty of scratches.

To answer your question Yes I do have a place or two for her hide in. I have two large sliding glass door closets where she can disappear to and I can close after her - just in case -. She sleeps in there at night or when she need a little more privacy, I have an old comforter in the floor where she cudles up in.

I know this is etting old BUT thanks so much!!!
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Helen, how exciting that it is going so well!

Do you think that you could distract Piper by playing with her a little while she is in your lap and Loki is in the room? If you can think of something that would be pleasurable (and distracting) to her so that she can be around him without trembling would be great.

If, after a few more days, she is still trembling, you might try giving her some Rescue Remedy about 20-30 minutes before you let Loki in the room. This way, she will be able to be around him without being scared. It might take a week or so of using the Rescue Remedy during introductions for her to realize that he isn't going to hurt her, but eventually she should realize that she is safe.

Give your sweet kitties a big scratch under the chin for me!
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Just got the rescue remedy today and I am planning to give it to both. Hope it works. Loki is such a good boy I still can't get over it. Almost thought I would have to skip yesterday - he was so full of energy he was literally bouncing of the walls - but he got it out of his system and we tried again. Since he exhausted himself at least for next 15 minutes I let him sniff her tail with her facing away and all he did was calmly touch my shoulder and meow (I AM SOOOO PROUD OF HIM!!!). At this point Piper mostly complains - unless he is too close, then she gives a hiss. One thing has improved though; at first she would not calm done for at least 5- 10 min. after he left the room. Now she is immediately back to normal after I escort him out the door. I know slowly does it!!! :daisy: :angel2:
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It is going wonderfully! Keep up the good work!

Wow! What a beeeeeeuuuuutiful cat. That is Loki isn't it? Wow!
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Gave both Loki and Piper Bachs last night - No effect on Loki his energetic self, but I think it helped Piper. During our intro session last night I could have heard a pin drop 75% of the time. She'll get it again tonight and we'll see if it is Bachs or maybe just her. Whichever, you have no idea how thrilled I was.

The cat is a SAVANA isn't (he/she) something!!!
But Loki is a mini version of that - he is a
marble Bengal. One day I hope to own a Savana; for right now 2 are enough.

Have a great weekend.

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I'm doing a big happy dance for you!
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