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Radio question for today: 01/21/05

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What was your favorite toy/type of toy growing up?
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OK, I still love Barbie. I was actively collecting them for a while, until the extra money wasn't there (considering the Collector's and Limited Edition Barbies range from $50-$500...)
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Don't even have to think about that one: Legos.
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My Sindy doll!
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Paper Dolls
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Oh, I gotta agree.....Barbie rocked!!!
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I guess I would have to say my bike. I hardly remember a day as a child that my bike wasn't nearby. I went everywhere on that thing, had many injuries because of it, even attempted to ride it to the mall once....but got caught. As a child....the biggest punishment my mom could have given me was to take away my bike.
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a matchbox cars?
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I loved those little things that you would get in kindersuprise.
Not just those toys but other little things so i could construct a village.
also barbies and dolls. buttt
i was very attached to my blanket.
My mother couldnt ever get it away from me
only when i went to school of course
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My stuffed critters -- I still have some of them. George is a little tattered.
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she-ra--princess of power!! (actually I liked catra the best )
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These little dolls called "Kiddles" does anyone in their forties remember them? They came in what were like large charms.
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I loved jacks, pick-up-sticks and my jumprope!
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stuffed kitties. I used to pretend that they were all protecting me when I went to sleep.
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Matchbox cars here~
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I remember Kiddles. They were scented weren't they?

I don't know if I'd call it a toy, but my record player was my most favorite thing. The kind that had a handle on it and looked like a hard sided cosmetic case. They always yanked that out of my room when I was in trouble. That would kill me.
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Eraser toys - all those little rubber erasers shaped like animals and cartoon figures. I had a huge collection of them, and used to make up little "plays" starring them.
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Legos and G. I . joe, lol I had boys as cousins. though, I had quite a respectable collection of barbies.. that I dressed up a-la GI Jane.
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[quote=captiva]I remember Kiddles. They were scented weren't they?

I think they were scented. It's so funny, there is a photo of me with a bunch of them at Christmas, I looked so happy!
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I love legos and my barbies dolls!
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