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friday dt 1/21

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It is very cold today. My coworker (my ONLY coworker) is giving her 2 weeks notice today to move onto bigger and better things. I'm at a loss right now because I don't really know what to do as she trained me and I haven't even been here a year and now I guess I will be top dawg. Ugh.

We are supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow I hear.. atleast it's not on Sunday when the Steelers are playing (w00t!). I'm wearing my steeler pride today at the office... with my high heels, eep.

I just bought my bf a present off of ebay.. i figure if I'm shopping for others it's not as bad.. of course the money still goes.. As you can tell work is not the busiest this time of year..

So how's everyone else? Any good plans?
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Hey thats good if you can get promotion!

It's cold here in the UK as well They say were going to get snow showers at the weekend but i hope it doesn't last!.

Theres a few of us going to our friends house for a girly night tonight so the wine will flow!

And i only have 1 hour to go before i go home!!!
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Promotion will be great for you!

Ohhh I didn't know we were going to have snow showers I hope it doesn't last too!

This weekend, I am going to be working on my sculpture for uni and trying to find some skin for it (at a decent price - even eBay is too dear ) But I will enjoy doing that!

If it is snowing, I will probably do some painting too - I have a half year review and presentation of my work, so I have to have LOADS to show!

Other than that, I think I will chill out with a couple of drinks at the Students' Union and try to relax!!
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it's less of a promotion and more of a being thrown into the firey pits of hell without a paddle.. but whatever. I'll probably have a breakdown

But thanks for the positive words

Some skin? what do you mean by that?
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Originally Posted by annabelle33
it's less of a promotion and more of a being thrown into the firey pits of hell without a paddle.. but whatever. I'll probably have a breakdown

But thanks for the positive words

Some skin? what do you mean by that?
I am sure you'll be great in your new postition!!

Hey, don't worry, I'm not going to go out wielding a knife or anything!!
I need some cow skin so that I can put it onto my deformed dog sculpture - I want him to be as realistic as possible!!

You don't happen to know of anywhere I could get some do you?!
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Anna, I'm sure you will have no problems being the top dog, or top cat for that matter, in the office.

Susan, have fun at your girls night out! Sounds like a blast.

Well, as always I only have to work until noon today, thank goodness! It's been a very long week. We're probably going to go over to our friends' house tomorrow to help sort through Eric's father's computer, which needs to be done to finalize the legal issues since his passing. Then we are going over to my old shooting coach's house for dinner. Unfortunately, his new job isn't allowing him to continue doing everything he's done for the past 25+ years for the shooting team, and I get one of the biggest challenges/duties of coordinating the housing for the team for Nationals. (Some of you may remember my post about that...) His wife and I have been trying to set up dinner for like 2 years, and we've finally done it...too bad it's not under the circumstances we had planned on. So dinner is for fun and then Jim and I will go over everything I have to do to make sure we all have a place to stay at Nationals.

Sunday should actually be a day of rest. Well, OK, probably not as I have two websites that I need to work on, and two more that I need to do research on.
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Originally Posted by ME!!
This weekend, I am going to be working on my sculpture for uni and trying to find some skin for it ......... But I will enjoy doing that!

I just realised why you did the paranoid smilie!!
When I took the brackets out, I realised just how bad that sounded!!

Sorry about that!
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Well it's Saturday here and I just woke up and eating some breakfast -

Going into a BMX show or something, just had to go in with some friends I haven't seen for awhile because my boyfriends working there.

Tonight I'm going out with my Mums EX boyfriend and his daughter. YAY!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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I've had an interesting day today.

Baylee fell... like I knew she would. Click here for more information about my heart attack for the day.

I got to my apartment to find a caution sign in front of my door. They're redoing all the stairs and the railings (which is great since they're pretty nasty and probably dangerous)... I'm glad I live on the first floor as the people who live in the 2nd floor are out of luck - there aren't any stairs to get up there for the moment.

Going to grab Starbucks in a bit and bring some to my boyfriend at work... but not until I watch The O.C.
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Well I've still been taking it easy today because of my upper back/neck strain. It seems to be getting a little better, although I still can't do too much before the pain kicks back in.

Tomorrow, I've got to work......assuming that my pain is better.

And Sunday.....I'm going to have BIG time! I have to have to a colonoscopy on Monday so all day on Sunday.....I have to drink this gross stuff all day to clean out my colon. Also, I can't eat any food at all......just clear liquids. WOOHOO! Aren't you all just so jealous?

Not really looking forward to this weekend.
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A lot, a lot , a lot of snacks to watch the game (Steelers vs Patriots!)
and some beers too!!!!
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ohh Kitty..... a colonscope....
My dad had to have that.. well lets say he had to drink fluids and empty... and then he requested to be asleep when they put the things in there and they removed something.
In a way i felt sorry for him

anywya my weekend.. hmm i will just be cleaning and doing homework
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Tonight: Make some snow angels in my yard, eat some nuked brownies smothered in vanilla ice cream, and then cuddle underneath some blankets while watching a loooong movie.

Saturday: Fix my dang toilet, it has been a leaky broken nightmare for over a month now, so I need to replace the entire guts of the thing! Clean my furry house. Then go out and party hard since I haven't been able to party since mid-December or so.

Sunday: Recover from Saturday night, then pick my daughter up and get myself mentally prepped for her surgery Monday morning.

-- Steph
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Can't wait for the snow!!!. Spouse is picking up paint from store tonite. Repainting one of the small bathrooms using a technique called "smooshing". Plus have to work on repairs the family room walls after removing wallpaper. Have a surprise birthday party to go to tomorrow night. Might work in garage on Sunday-depends on how bad my headache from Sat nite will be!!
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