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Cat nicknames

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Hi! I was just wondering what your cats real names are, and what you actually usually call them.

I call Aramis "Ara", "Arabear", "Chubbo"...

Padme is "PTK" (padme the kitty), "paddy"...

Oliver for some reason is "Mr. Olivarry", "Ollie", "oddball"...
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Fluffy = "Roosky"

Cinnamon = "Bunny Rabit" "Buns" "Bunster"

Tigger = "Tig", "Tiggy", & my fav that I call her, "TigPig" :LOL:

Gizmo = "G-man", "G-monster"

Scooter = "Scoot monster", "Scooty" :tounge2:
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My nicknames aren't very original I'm afraid

Onyx- Onnie, Scrawny(he was skin and bones when we got him)
Loco- Loki, Pretty Boy (hes a bit vain):tounge2:, Locus Maximus
Missy- Missy May, Miss Miss, Baby, Missy Moo Moo, and Moomers
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Danielle is also known as:

1)OOHdababeee (origin, "ooh the baby") Actually, she most of the time she will come to me if I say it in a certain way, and pat my lap and make kissing noises.

2)Good Little Girl

3)Wuzza Wuzza


5)Sweet Little Girl

6) Who's the good little girl?
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Maggie is Maggie-May, the Magster, Magarama, Magaroni

Ollie is Ollie-boy, Mr Cat, Ollie-Ollie-Allcomefree

Callie is Roly-Poly kitty

Khadija is Dija, Dija-Do, Dija-Doodle

Chester is Oscar the grouch, Grump-bunny, Chester the pester
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Wow, a very nice thread!!
As an Italian, I couldn't understand the meaning of most of your nicknames. Ours maybe quite weird for you too.

Francis = Francina (pron. Francheena), Franziska, but also Gufetto (little owl - she's a Scottish Fold)
Violetta = Violina (in Italian it sounds like a violin) but also Scimmietta (little monkey - because she is black and has a flat baby-face).
Lucia = Luci (pron. Loochee), La Bimba Piccola (The Little Baby, because she's the youngest and smallest one)

We also call them Blonde Beast, Black Beast and Grey Beast (based on their coat color!), or PT for Primo Tesoro (First Treasure), ST for Secondo Tesoro (Second Treasure) and TT for Terzo Tesoro (Third Treasure), because this is the order they arrived in our home.

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When we had Tigger, we called him, Tiggeytoes. Trixies nickname was Trixabella. This is where Bette and I got our names from.

Of our present cats...K.C. is Mr. Handsome, Katie is K.K.,Bear is Mr. Goodkitty,Fritz is Mr. Sillytail,Rocky is Rocky Poo Poo,Smudge and Ferris don`t really have nicknames, but we do call Ferris the Big Wheel.
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oh, I'll tell you mine, but they're kinda strange (I guess nicknames can be sometimes though)

Nerdles = nerd nerd; mrs nerdles ("mrs" is pronounced pretty much like it's seen - "mursis")

Peanutbutter = butt; hubbles; the hub (hubbles - no idea where that came from, but I do know that "the hub" branches from "hubbles" heh heh)

Nothin' = hoon; hoonard; nuffy; nuf-nuf (don't ask me where the first two came from . . . I have no idea :LOL: )
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Ok, let's see now.
Montgomery gets Moni-mon or Monty
Mishka gets Mish or Mishmacker
Roxane gets Missy-moo or Roxy baby .
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I am pretty boring. My nicknames for my pets are mostly "Mama's baby boy" or "Mama's baby girl". They are boring nicknames but very appropriate, because they are my babies.

Basil does get the BFC (Big Fat Cat) and Chicky (because he has chicken feathers on his tummy). Tasha occasionally gets Mushi mushi because she just WAILS until you pat her sometimes.
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GEOREDAMNITGETDOWN! ha ha ha :laughing: :laughing2 oh that is sooo funny!! Ok mine are...

Boddington: Fatso, Lard arse, Chubba, Porkball, Snuggle butt, and the all time fave, "Mummys little chunk", plus the usual, mummys baby boy, etc...

Merlot: Merle, Squirly Merle, Fluff ball, Grump, Sulky arse, pesky boy, and of course DIMWIT....ha ha ha....plus a similar one to Krazy Kat2, "SHUTUPMERLE!!!!" Gees he's SUCH a winger.....meeeeew

Shandy: Stumps, Stumpy, Short Stuff, Midget cat, and her and Merle are called "the owl twins"

Monty: Gangleon, Haemorriohd (or however you spell it!) Freaky, Spag, Anorexic sheep, and phsycocat....(cos of his tendancy to headbutt everything...?!!)

Brandy : was known as, Snap, Snapper, Small Fry, Mummys little Angel, Dwarf, and Pie.

So there you go!!! (I know you're all questioning my sanity right now!! :laughing: ) Oh I just LOVE my babies...

Ps, I forgot!!! They all get called "SMURF" too every now and then, though it was mainly my name for Brandy...
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At my house we pick nicknames that are kind of strange.

Snowball's nicknames are Snow, kitty kitty, baby, kitty silly, and kitty clumsey.

Midnight (when she was alive) was pretty kitty, mom's good girl, sweetie, and baby.
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hahaha...GEORGEDAMMITGETDOWN reminds me of a sign I once saw that had a kitty on it and read : "My name's No!No! Bad Kitty!, what's yours?"
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Have only 1 kitty, Mandy and she gets called several different things depending on her/my moods.

Sweet thing
Kitty Babe (the most commonly used)
Kitty Girl
Mandy Cat
Picky Puss - this is the most recent after turning up her nose at the latest offering of wet cat food placed in front of Her Highness & ignored completely.
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