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Make a member feel good: 1/21/05

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There are so many people here I'd love to nominate. Seeing as I have to choose just one, I'll pick somebody whose posts I always look forward to reading, because I admire and enjoy her wit, debating skills, and perception, not to mention her amusing tales of supercat Simon: Noni, aka Michele.
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I'm so glad to see this thread revived--and with such a worthy nominee!

Michele is incredibly kind and understanding with her animals--words cannot actually capture the depth of her understanding there (of course, you know I am talking about our beloved Pengy). She is also kind and understanding with us, has a good sense of humor, and a great perspective on life. When Michele shared with us her experiences skydiving, it inspired me to be less afraid of risk in my own life. Thanks for being you Michele!!!
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Amen to all that
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
Amen to all that

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Great choice! Michelle is intelligent and compassionate, level headed and brave. I admire her!
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Hey Michele, I like your long post, ร‚ยดcause you has the corageous to share so many things about you with all!
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I admire Michele as well because she "never gives up" woth Pengy, and her posts are so genuine and thought provoking. I'd love to meet Michele in person!
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Aw good choice! Michele you are definitely an inspiration - the amount of patience you must have to get to where you are today with Pengy... wow. So many others would have given up and would still have a cat hanging out under their bed, not one who is "kissing" other cats and now hanging out in doorways!

Plus, I love reading your posts, whether it's about Penguin or Simon or the weather! No matter what's going on, you tell it in such a fascinating , funny way... I look forward to any posts of yours!
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Great Choice!!! Michele you are wise and intelligent (at least when we agree in IMO...LOL) Love your well thought out posts about everything. Futhermore you love for your babies is self evident...they are lucky kids!
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Michele, I've been thinking almost all day about how to put my thoughts into words.

I'm so glad you are a member here! I look forward to every update on Pengy, even when I don't answer your updates on her always make me smile. I feel like I know Simon with the wonderful posts you've made on him. You are one of those kitty-moms that if I were ever reincarnated as a cat, I would want to be owned by you.

Your posts here and in IMO are always intelligent, funny, and just a wonderful read, no matter what you are talking about. You've shared some deeply personal issues with us, issues that have helped many of us grow ourselves. Thank you. Your posts in IMO are well thought out, researched and educated, and hit the issue square on the head. I'm glad we agree on most issues so far. I'm truly happy to have met you, and you're definitely on my list of people from TCS that I would dearly like to meet face to face!
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Michelle, your posts on Pengy are truly inspiring. When I get gloomy about my lack of sucess with Fellini and Jeter to some extent, I read your posts and it gives me the courage to just keep at it and not give up. I figure if you can do soo much with such a hard start, surely I can help in some way with my own kitties issues.
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I always enjoy Michelles comments, and we have had some lively chats on IMO! Go Michelle!
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I am still rather new here so I won't pick any ONE person I will pick all of you! I do not remember when I have met so many nice people!
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Noni is cool. She writes beautifully, is spunky, vulnerable, yet puts on a brave face and smiles at the world--no matter what. Gotta admire that grit. And oh, how I would love to eat some of those meals she cooks up.

Congratulations, Michele~!
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O.K., you guys just made me cry.

I didn't realize this post was about me. Fridays are usually packed, and by the time I get home, I'm usually so whipped I get through emails and head to bed. I was in bed by 9:30 last night...and so didn't know this was here until KittenKrazy pm'd me. I feel like such a dope for missing this, and not acknowledging such sweet things before now.

Forgive me, please....

And thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I was feeling lonely and solitary yesterday, and to know that you all were thinking of me and posting nice things just made me smile and cry.

I am such a new member here, with so much to learn about cats and other things...and for you all to let me know I've made you think, or touched you all in some way just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you all so very much.

(And Simon wants to be the garbage man now...he keeps bringing me trash from the trash cans. LOLsigh....and Pengy spent tons of time out and about on the rack and the condo, but no doorway sitting yesterday. Which is just fine....)

Hugs to all of you!!!

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