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Bad things happening here

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Well I started a thread a while back about the posibillity of having to evacuate from Dubai. Now that threat is ever more apparrant....Yesterday night someone/or a group took machine guns to the Hard Rock Cafe......luckily...well as far as I know no one was injured. it has not be in the press here and everything is being kept very hush hush - bloody politics......there were more than 50 bullet holes throughout the entire building and as far as I know the attack occured from the outside of the building. As yet no one knows if the culprits have been caught.....many people are really concerned and people are fleeing the country. My parents are keeping everything very calm in the office which is in one aspect a good thing but on the other end of the scale it is not be realistic. I am getting really worried about what is going to happen here.
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Oh Amanda! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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These are such scary and frightening times. Please do all you can to stay safe and my prayers are flying in your direction.
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Amanda - I'm so sorry to about your problems. I am thinking about you and hope everything will be okay.
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Funny the managed to keep it so quiet - why don't the western journaslists report this?

I'm sure that if these are radical muslims going after western targets the government in Dubai will do all it can to get them and punish them. After all, Bin Laden and co. main target was the regimes in Saudi Arabia and the gulf.

Do you feel any hostility from the regular people on the street?

Be strong and keep safe!
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Amanda, I am soooo sorry

I have a stupid question. Where is Dubai, UAE?

Amanda, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Before the war on terrorism, Dubai was a really happening place. Now, there are advisories against going there for obvious reasons.

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wow - I pray that everything will be alright for you and your family and friends
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Amanda - I hope you are doing ok. What a scary time we're living in. Keep us updated.
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Amanda, my thoughts and prayers are with you!
And Vjoy, it wasn't a stupid question, I was wondering the same thing.
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Oh, I hope everything will be ok over there! Please do keep us updated!
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Anne the reason why the troubles here are kept really hush hush from the 'outside world' is because over the years the UAE government has worked so hard to get tourists to come here and they have promoted and promoted so much that this basically will destroy all the work that they have pit into making this country. There is a little hostility towards westerns from a few people - mainly the uneducated people. I hope everything will be okay here - many people are basically preparing for the worst...many people belive that things will get bad here but I am hoping it will be alright - I will let you all know.

But hey thanks for all your kind words
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OOH Amanda....

I am so sorry. I am not in your place, but I can understand your fear, living in NYC.

I hope you do not have to evacuate.

My prayers go to you and your family.
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No one should have to live in fear. Stay safe, Amanda!
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Dear Amanda,

I'm extremely sorry to hear this! This is the first I've heard of this news. I pray that you remain safe...please let us know how you're doing.

Love & Peace
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