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Neutering day arrives

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Well, it's here. I dropped my babies off at the vet at 8.20 this morning. When we got there both of them had burrowed under the blanket inside the cat carrier, so it looked as though I was carrying an empty basket. "If we hide under this blanket, nobody will see us."

I'm glad the day's arrived, I've been worrying about it for a while, at least we can get it over with. And although I know they'll be fine, it's an op that the vet could do with a blindfold on and her hands tied behind her back - I still remember that the last time I left a cat at the vet I didn't get her back alive. But although it was sudden and nobody thought Sophie was seriously ill, she was old and these are young, fit kittens.

I've got to ring at 1.00 pm and should be able to pick them up this evening. The house is very quiet and Raffles is wandering around like a lost soul looking for them. I'm off to do some wallpaper stripping (we're having a new shower room fitted) to take my mind off it.
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awwwww Rosso & Bruno are going to be just fine!!!!!

but we all know how nervous you feel - we have all been down that road before - its a wonder I didnt camp out in the vets reception area

sending ((((quick healing vibes))))) to your 2 little boys
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Good luck with them both, I hope it all works out for you with no complications!
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Jan like Danielle said weve all been there so we know how your feeling

And your right they can do it blindfolded so to speak but it doesn't stop us from worrying

Your doing the right thing by keeping yourself occupied because thats what i did, but you know you have us here also!

Let us know when you bring them home. You never know you might be lucky like me and get them home earlier than expected?!. I was told when i dropped Sophie off at 8.45.a.m to ring them after 2.p.m. for an update and that i would probably be able to pick her up at 4.p.m.

They rang me about 2.p.m. to say i could bring her home Mind you i think they wanted to get her home asap because when i got there all i heard was this yelling from the back and was told that it was Sophie! Once she saw me though she stopped!
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You will have a great evening cuddling them and telling them how good they have been!
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I've just got them back. I was told to ring at 1.30 pm then that I could collect them at 2.30 pm. They're livelier than I expected, playing with paper balls and messing about with the dust sheets that are on the floor because of the workmen (who are here today).

I've been told that if they persist in licking their bits I've to take them back for a rotten collar. They're having a bit of a lick at the moment, but I'm being lenient about that as they're bound to want to remove vet and chemical smells from themselves. They're washing generally, including the bit of shaved leg where the anaesthetic went in. If they continue though, I'll have to rethink.
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I'm glad they are doing so well and are back home so fast
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I'm so glad that they made it through without complications! I have a couple questions for you though, since I'll be going through the same thing in the next couple of months with Chester.
How old were are your guys? How did you know it was time for them to go in?
One of my friends mom's just had her kittens (a boy and a girl) done a couple years ago. She said that the vet she chose only charged $80 (canadian) and didn't insist that the female was not in heat, or that they had all of thier shots.....she recommened them, but it seems to me that those are signs of a careless vet. Am I wrong?
What did you look for when you chose your vet?
Do the boys have stitches now?
I've only had a girl kitty, and of course she had stitches, so this whole "male" thing has gotten me baffled.
Congratulations again!
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Awww there you go see!!

So pleased their home and playing about as normal!

Jess i can only speak on how most of our vets in the UK work, because a lot of countries spay and neuter from 4 months old but here in the UK we won't do them that young unless it's necessary, so it's normally 6 months.

Spaying a female is more complicated because it takes longer than a neutering a male, but my two came through it no problem!

Prices vary with different vets here as well, and to get Rosie and Sophie done it was nearly £50
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Thanks everyone for your healing vibes, Rosso and Bruno have just welcomed the children home from school. I'm a bit concerned that they are still licking though - I'll give them a couple of days and see if they forget about it. If they're still at it Monday, I'll have to call the vet.

Jess, like Susan, I'm in the UK and my babies are 6 months old. The vet did say they could be done earlier if necessary, they started spraying for instance, or demonstrating masculine behaviour (get the picture?). I know from other members of this site that other countries routinely spay/neuter a lot earlier. My vet says they like them to "fill out" a bit.

I don't know whether they have to be fully vaccinated, mine were both done at 3 months, so the issue never arose. I wouldn't think a vet would refuse one beneficial procedure, just because you hadn't done another (let's face it one is better than neither) but that's just my opinion.

I've had my vet for over 15 years and I can't remember why I started going there now, but once you've got a good one you stick with them. Mine is not just a vet, it's a Veterinary Hospital, a title that has to be earned in the UK. Other people have told me that they're more expensive than theirs, but they've treated my animals for a long time, so I have confidence in them and I'd rather have that than go somewhere cheaper. Why not try asking other people you know who have animals, or maybe the local shelters/animal charities can recommend someone they trust. My vet also treats animals for the Cats' Protection League, I know because I see them in the waiting room regularly. Last time I was in there, I'd just lost my elderly female, Rosso and Bruno were reserved, but not old enough for collection. I admired a litter of CPL kittens waiting for health checks and the lady whipped them out and plonked one of my knee in the hope that she'd get one of them adopted!

I've just paid around £37 (each) for my kittens to be neutered, that included 2 injections, an antibiotic and a painkiller, and a post-operative check in a week's time. I think there are organisations such as RSPCA etc who will do it more cheaply for people on low incomes. No they don't have stitches, so I was told, but you'll need someone with more veterinary knowledge to explain why not - perhaps they tie knots in it or something!!
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Oh, I'm so happy you're babies are home safe and sound! Please tell them how very brave they are from Sierra and me!You handled the day wonderfully, Jan!
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I spoke to the vet today, and she said that he can probably get it done soon (5 months). But I want to make sure that his URI clears up first, and then get some blood work (FIV, etc) done as well as his last shots before the opporation. Sheesh, it seems like I'm going to be spending the next month (and the next months wadges) in the vets office.
Interesting that they don't have stitches! I think I'll do an internet search on it...I'll let you know if I find anything interesting.
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Look what I just found

Male cats are usually neutered between 5 1/2 and 9 months of age, before habits such as spraying urine are started. Neutering involves the removal of the source of sex hormones and sperm cells, which is the testicles. The two incisions are usually so small that stitches or sutures are not even needed. And, normally, the cat is sent home the very same day.

So now we know!
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