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Public Transport Nightmares Ahhhhhhhhhh It's Long Sorry

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As some of you know I have just started a new job so for the last few days I have been on the buses a lot more than normal over the years I have seen some funny and scary things but todays episode has to take the cake please bear with me and I will try and explain it all ok I got off work today and went to get on the second bus I have to catch to get home I was waiting at the staishion and there was a woman sitting there all ready well I had been sitting there for about 10 min's and she turned around and said I'm glad I'm not as fat as you then turned away from me so I'm thinking ::censor::censor::censor:: well I was really tired and thought just leave it so I was sitting there rather agitated and I started to jiggle my legs I do it when I'm stressed and she turned around and said stop ####### jiggling you fat #### well I lost my temper at this point and said she should try looking in the mirror herself and she said I'm not as fat as you witch she wasn't but I was not going to tell her I thought that so I asked her where I could get a mirror like her's then she got right in my face and said how dare you call me fat you ####### #### well I yelled back at her and she backed down thank goodness I though for a bit she was going to take a swing at me and my goodness I don't ever recall haveing to come to fisty cuffs with anyone before it was nut's oh it was really childish of me to bite back at all but I could not help myself she really got to me I was hot tired and my poor feet were killing me and I was not in the mood for some silly woman to give me a hard time for no reason I'm still freeked out I can't belive it happened all I did was sit down to wait for my bus might stand up next time thanks for listening all just had to tell someone I'm still in shock
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wow Nancy - what a day you have had!!!

I wouldnt of been able to not lash out at here either - i just dont understand some people
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OMG. TCS members are really going through it right now! But she sounds deranged - there are people like that and I am sorry you happened to meet a nutter. I think the only thing to do is to feel sorry for her, even though you are the one who suffered. At least you can put it all in perspective, wheras she probably can't.
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What a psycho!
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You should have decked her and kicked her *** the curb.
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i loved that comment "where can i get a mirror like yours"
I think i have to keep that in mind if anyone comes accross to me like that!

I wonder what her problem was though, maybe she was jealous of your beautiful curves and face and she was just an ugly scrag

ITs summer there and i dont blame you for sitting down after a hot tireing day!
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You may or may not know a comedian called Jasper Carrott. Years ago he did a very funny piece all about 'the nutter on the bus'. Well, I think you just met the nutter!
The gist of it was , why does the nutter on the bus always sit next to me?

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Oh Nancy! Wow! Yeah, you definitely met the nutter on the bus. I think she clearly had some sort of certifiable mental problem and you had the bad luck to cross paths with her. I'm sorry hon!
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Crazy! Glad you stood up to her.
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I've just read this now!

I'm not a violent person!, but if anyone says anything hurtful about me, my cats, and people i know, the scorpion in me comes out

She's lucky she never said that to me because she'd have needed surgery to put her face back to normal!.

In a way we should all feel sorry for her that she lets her mouth run ahead of her brain, because she has the major problem without a doubt!.

I hope she gains a 1lb for every bite she takes for the next 3 months!!
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What is wrong with some people??? I could never hurt anyones feelings for anything in the world, and if someone said something like that to me, the "nasty" Susie that you all have yet to experience, (and I'm sure never will) would come charging out!!!
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wow that's just awful! I can't believe that an adult would act in such a way. There are so many nut cases out there. I'm glad that you stood your ground though, anyone who acts like that needs to be knocked down a few pegs. I don't even know what to say, I would be in complete shock.. That's something that happens in grade school, not in real life..
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Things such as this have got be my biggest pet peeve!! Well, its up there with my other two--Racists/Bigots and abuse (human or animal). I will never understand how some people think. That is so outrageuos you poor thing. I am sooo sorry you had the misfortune of meeting a person such as this. I truly hope(this sounds bad, i know) that this woman had some sort of real psychological problem so she has some sort of excuse for her behavior. Either way, dont let this woman get to you in any way, you are better than that and beautiful in every way you want to be!!!
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I'm actually in shock here that anyone would say that to another human being! I can picture a child who doesn't know any better saying something like that but another adult boggles my mind.

If I were near and someone said something like that to another person, I would confront that person myself and tell her what a rude, obnoxious, sorry excuse for a human being she was.
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My daughter had someone say something like to her recently. She just looked vaguely amused and said "I am only going to be fat for a few more months, (she's pregnant) you are going to be a stupid *itch forever." I about fell out laughing.
It never ceases to amaze me just how rude people can be. I am not sure I would'nt have smacked that woman on the bus, though. That was so out of line in so many ways!
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Thanks for all your suport guy's I'm at the laughing stage now but I was so shocked when it happened I pitty her she must be pritty messed up to act like she did I wish I had kept my cool I feel bad that I had a go back but she caught me at a really bad time I just hope she goes and get's herself some help

I have never heard of Jasper Carrott but yep I really meat the " The Nutter On The Bus " she was a strange one but anyone that has to catch a bus on a regular basis has probable run into this type of thing I have seen some strange things thats for sure but this is the first time I have had someone have a go at me and I am hopeing it dose not acure again

That's awfull about your daughter I'm so sorry some people are so rude I hope her feelings were not hurt to bad.

It amazes me how peopel act towards big people some times it's as if they think we don't know we are fat but I am happy with how I am I think I'm a nice person most of the time and I'd rather be big than rude

Once agian guy's thanks you all make a hard day so much easier to handle with all your careing and hug's thanks here's some hug's from me to you all
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She was what I would call "a tick, tick BOOM" Wow what an experience. Makes me glad to ride the NYC Subway system..everyone is so polite...all the men give up their seats AND tip their hats to ya! LOL!
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Wow Barbara that is definitly something that's not happening over here in Australiasia. *sigh*

Nancy, sorry to hear of your experience!
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