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Woooo hooo! I was glad to see you posting again! I was getting concerned! Wonderful that it's nothing serious!
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Originally Posted by lisalee
Sending prayers and good thoughts to you Elizabeth. I hope you recover soon and feel well!

SAME HERE! My kitties send love and headdbutts.
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Oh Eddie, I am sooo happy for you! That is such wonderful news that you dont have anything serious wrong with you! And now onto bigger and better things in your life with Eric!
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Yay! Welcome back Elizabeth--I'm so happy it wasn't something serious!
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Fantastic news!!! Have a really great night back at home with Eric, Sasha and Saba

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So glad everything went well... sorry I never posted throughout this thread, I caught it while you were already at the hospital and I kept you in mind from the minute I heard what was going on until now. Fantastic news!
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If you wanted steak for the next month, wouldn't it have been a lot easier to just ask your hubby, "Please, instead of hamburgers could we have steak?" Boy what some people do to get a steak dinner!

I'm so happy you're ok and HOME!!!!!! Your cats have missed you as well as your cat buddies here! My sister's surgery is set for tomorrow so thanks for the good wishes.........I wish hers were only due to sinus medicine.

Hey! I have an idea maybe I'll call her and ask "Are you sure you're just not in the mood for steak?"
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I am so glad you are home and back in bed with your two lovebugs! So glad it wasn't a tumor and things are looking on the bright side for you!! Continue on your path Elizabeth, you're always in my prayers!!
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Well thank goodness it wasn't anything bad!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to remember not to dose up on Sudafed in those combinations. I'll have a glass of wine raised to your health.
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glad to hear everything is A-OK!!!! We missed ya.
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Glad to hear it was something so easy to fix!
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What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that - but what MARVELOUS news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what a prescription - being forced to eat steak for a month!

Welcome home and welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yayyy!! I'm so glad to hear youre ok!! My mom had the whole family praying for you after I added you to our prayer list she has up in the house!
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Elizabeth, I can't tell you how relieved I am that it was just a minor problem and you're ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay, I'm so happy you are ok!
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Thanx so much everybody, really! I am just glad to be home and very grateful for my TCS family. We really are all sisters and brothers in the end.
Tina, I am SO looking forward to Miami!!!!!! I cannot wait for the vacation. It's one spot I really want to see.
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Where's the beef?
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Originally Posted by ccoccocats
Where's the beef?

I had a big, fat, rare steak --- lots of red meat tonight, SO THERE.
(sorry vegans and vegetarians).
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Just wanted to know how you are feeling today? I hope all is well.
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Eddie, sorry I missed this last update. I've been pretty full on the last few days -I am so glad to hear that you are ok. We all missed you.
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Add some green leafy vegies to that steak along with some vitamin c! To rebuild your red blood cells and hemoglobin, you need some extra iron and b vitamins. The vitamin C helps your body to absorb them

Welcome back, Oh Healthy One!
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Sandy I must do that! really. thank you all for your good vibes and wishes, Lord knows I needed them, Sam, Tia, and Barb. I just get sassy when I am scared so nobody can tell. Thank you for asking how I am doing, I am just fine - not on any medications and no vertigo episodes have returned. I'm just trying to get by on nothing right now for my sinus pressures and maybe an Excedrin in the morning is all. So far, so good.....
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