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Thanks for the update Eric! I'm still sending lots of vibes and prayers to Elizabeth and really hoping the doctors don't find anything serious!!!!!
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Again thanks for the update Eric. Definitly good to see Eddie's still keeping her delightful sense of humour. Thinking of ya girl!
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Hey guys- thanks Eric for the update - Mike and I have been worried-
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Thanks so much for the update! Please tell her that we're all thinking about her and wishing her the very best!
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Ditto that! The update is much appreciated, and just sending lots of good wishes.
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Yes, like everyone, thankyou for the update, so glad to hear she's got her humor. Thinking of her. All of TCS is.
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Thank you Eric, Please tell her that we miss her and want her back soon
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Thanks so much for the update, Eric!! Sounds as if things are going pretty much as expected, and she's in good spirits, for which we are thankful! Waiting with bated breath for her return, safe and sound. Meanwhile, we're thinking of her and sending lotsa vibes
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Wow i just saw this. sending prayers. m
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Elizabeth - you poor thing. I'm sorry you're going through this. Loads and loads of hugs and positive vibes coming your way. I hope it turns out to be nothing nasty.

Can't wait til your back laughing and joking, happy and healthy on TCS!!

Thanks Eric for the update - I hope you're doing ok too and not worrying too much.

Everything's crossed for you E!
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Thanks for the update Eric I'm glad Eddie is ok I hope they find out what's up soon and that it is nothing sirious lot's of hug's and good vibes heading your way
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I have been away for a few days and just saw this. I'm sending good vibes and best wishes!
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Elizabeth had I saw this sooner I'd have sent you some of my jokes to read to pass the time.

Seriously though, I pray all will be fine. I had Vertigo, it was truly the worst thing in the world ever in my life! But I've been free of episodes for 3 yrs. now.

As far as a brain tumor goes, I know you've read my thread of my sister having a brain tumor removed on Tuesday 1/25/04 and it's benign, and the doctors say they are common and have no concerns of the removal of it.

So, hang in there and know all are all praying for you! Love to you!
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I'm so sorry I must have been on brain overload to have missed this. I am sending good vibes for you from IA. I know it'll all turn out for the best.
Eric thanks for the update. There are alot of people here who miss her here!!!!!!!!
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Elizabeth, I'm sending good vibes and prayers your way.
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I cannot belieeeeeeeve all these good wishes. I knew I might get some and hoped that my own strength and love for Eric, Sasha & Saba would get me through, but this just rocks! So before I explain anything, I would just like to acknoweldge Ccococats' good prayers and sister's tumor that was begnin, as that particular thread was on my mind the past couple of days and I am so very glad it turned out well for her.

I will say that Eric's update was quite true, nothing like a hot night with an MRI and EKG machines breathing at you to make a girl feel super sexy, yo!

I met with the doctors this morning and much of the day has been with family, so sorry for the delay. I did not want everyone to worry this much! In a nutshell: I do not have a brain tumor (and did not feel I ever did!) and I'm not a Narcileptic nor do I have Multiple Sclerosis, etc. What they found was a HUGE allergic reaction to the combination of Tylenol Sinus Nighttime (sleep aid) and then massive amounts of Sudafed that I had in my system. Around Christmas I changed from Tylenol Sinus Day formula to Sudafed, but kept taking the Nighttime Sinus with sleep aid at night. There is an obscure ingredient that wasn't compatible with my blood type (AB+ somewhat rare) and what I was doing. The vertigo and blackout epsiodes took place in the morning and afternoon, rarely at night after most of the sleep aid had time to wear off. I took the sleep aid because I had such terrible sinus headaches, not being stuffy- just pressure, that I couldn't fall asleep and stay asleep. After giving so much blood that I now have to eat steak for the next month, it cropped up on a blood scan only because I told them I switched medicines. They had asked me "what medications or over-the-counter products do you use?" but they did not ask me if I had switched lately, and it just got overlooked. So it was that simple. SHEEESH! I feel so guilty! Nothing like putting up a huge thread and then having it be so simple. The doctors (man, brain surgeons are handsome dudes!) did say that it was a serious threat to my equilibrium and any time anybody blackouts while driving, it is very serious.

So I turned in my jammies but they could not have my puppy dalmation slippers! I will say that hospital green is just not my color. Lord! But they had some very tasty jell-o.

So I would like to take just a sec and thank Kellye, Chris, Sam, Hissy -Eric did stellar with Saba , Emma's friend-how did you know? I have an electronic Yahtzee , Diane, Lorie, Bobbie, Pat - what a great e-Card and thank you for your phone , Jalapeno and all her kitties, D'elle and Beau, Stefanie, Sandra, Stacy, Robin, GratefulBear -how are things? ,
Tina, Cat down in the Bayou , Mom of Franz, Fran -are your dafodils up with this heat wave? , Sheryl, Heidi, Ashley, Kelly, Daniele, Nancy , Jenny, Susan - the entire UK helps!, Roundy, Rockcat, Cindy, and Susie --bless you, you were a huge inspiration ,
Candie, Rita, TuxedoKitties, Sarah, Laurie -such a great comfort , Steve - I asked the CAT Scan operator if "CAT" meant he could wear some fur or something to make it more fun , Rigel --Tu sabes que yo leo mejor que yo escribo, y quiero te sabe que pienso que usted es una persona muy grande en Mexico y muy speciale. , and Hope , Stephanie --thank you so much for your TXTs and gloriousv/mail , Gail -it felt like a week not just 48 hrs, yes; and Yosemite, Sandy -thanks for good thoughts for Eric , and Fwan and Tricia in Germany! , and Denise -hon thank you so very much. I hope you feel better with some good remedy soon too! , and Heidi, OzzyKitty, and Tia -thank you for such hyper thoughts , and my SS pal Beryl, and Lisalee, Beth, and Glowbug (Saba's rescue caretaker) , and Joanne, and Barb in Iowa -yeah! I'll take the entire state , and Kelly who really is in WVA


It's really good to be home and sleep!!
The best gift was to come home and see Saba kiss Sasha back for the very first time, and then wake up with them on either side of me, the first time they've ever been on the bed at the same time, less than 2 ft apart. That was worth the wait. Love ya guys!
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Sooooo glad to hear everything's ok and you have been reunited with Sasha and Saba. I'll bet being away from them was as tough as all of the tests they ran.
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Just sitting here with a big ole on my face! So good to see this post from you and the good news.
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What fantastic news!

What a relief this must be for you and Eric...not to mention the TCS community! I wouldn't feel foolish if I were you...how would you know about some rare incompatibility associated with only your blood type? Yow!

Welcome back!
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YAY Elizabeth!!! I am SOOOO happy that you are home and well!!! What a relief!!!
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I am soo happy to Ashley! Good laws! What a place, these hospitals. Nurses are not paid enough, believe me. And I tried to be a "nice" patient.
If I said I wasn't scared I would be lying -- of course I was! But no way I was gonna let my number come up. Not yet!
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Elizabeth!!! SOOOOOOOO good to see you back, and well, and all questions answered. What a relief that the problem was so simple -- though obscure! WOW!

Daffodils? not quite, but probably won't be long. The quince is budding again (it got interrupted by the cold snap! )

Happy this scare is over. Welcome back.
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YAY!!! YAY!! YAY!!

welcome home Elizabeth - how wonderful to have you back and to hear the good news. I am also sitting here with a BIG GRIN on my face

hugs to you my friend
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Hi Sweetie! Big grin over here and paw pats from Prowler for finding the answer, and finding the answer that was easy. Hope you can get that stuff out of your system! And here I thought you were just a plain holistic gal!
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Glad you are doing well.
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even if in the end it was minor, there is always that chance that it won't be. I am glad, very glad.
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Elizabeth what brilliant news!!!!

Who'd have thought that the medication could do that?!. I know some make you drowsy but good grief!.

Don't feel guilty!, if anything it's good that they've found it because what if you had been driving?!
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OMG! This is wny I hate it when I can't log in! Just missed a day and I missed this! Grrrr. Well, I'm happy for you Elizabeth. It's amazing how meds can affect people. I'm so glad you are all right.
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I am SO happy that you're ok! Now don't you dare take those medicines again!!

One thing that we were taught in nursing school is that anytime a person begins to experience a new symptom......look to the medications first. If someone has started a new medication or the dose has changed, that can often cause symptoms that will look like something else initially.

Glad to have you back!
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