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Ok - Buttercup has to go today for adoption.

I loved all your name selections and would have chosen a couple if she could live with me - but leaving the house, I thought a more lovie name would help with an adoption. She has turned to be quite lovable and I will be sad all the way there and home again after work today. I am hoping that a stop by the office may result in an adoption? I plan on putting a big bow around her neck and place her in a cute little basket to present her. Wish me luck - I will let you know how I make out.
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Awwwww.... I do know how that feels hon...I'm sorry
I hope your little baby will melt in their arms will melt like butter when they hold her (well, not pee, just melt)..:laughing2

Let us know how you're doing too Deb, I know it's traumatic when you have to give them up...not to mention, you are very sensitive and I know that By the way, I can't send you any mail, cause your mailbox is full. Not your pm's...your email...it's been a bummer too, I've been wanting to show you some really funny stuff...I hope you get this and clear it out so I can give you another excuse to renovate the bedroom. :laughing2

Talk to you soon sweetie...Take Care & kisses to all the kitties

Love & Peace,
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Adoption was a success at the office today!

"Buttercup - aka chompers nibbler, jaws,gangs, niblet" etc......

The friend who adopted Rocky from he same litter took her as well. Two siblings together - that makes me happy!
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Wooohooo!!! Thats great!! I bet she looked soooo cute with a ribbon roud her neck!!! awwwwww..... (I still think Niblet was a cool name!! ha ha ha...Nah, buttercup is waaaaay cute!!)
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Morning Bod...Suzanne will probably change her name anyways - I gave her all the suggestions from you guys. She changed Rocky to Leo....so we will see. Hope you are having a good day at work!
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Thats Great Debra!

I'm so glad lil Buttercup found a home, especially with her brother!

I just found out tonight that the guy who took Lunchbox named her Bentley...I have no idea why, he said his female roomates liked the name...what the heck do you nickname a FEMALE cat named Bentley?
Oh well, not my kitty anymore, and he is taking very good care of her.

So I guess I just have to step back and ask myself...Whats in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! :LOL:

Okay, I'm tired....g'night!
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Night Cleo. Sleep well!
Dream of kitties!!!!!
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With them clamoring all over me...how could I not? :LOL:

Okay, really going to bed now!
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