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Temporary new adition!

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My Goldie adventure ramblings continue.........

As you Goldie fans know, she brought me her second litter last week. Tonight, my son was leaving for his job at the pizza place and lo and behold he came back into the house with a little orange fur ball......fits into the palm of our hands - with a leg or two hanging over

Little Rocky is snug as a bug in the kitty condo and very curious about his new surroundings. Has some congestion and watery eyes - like his 1/2 sibling Ripster.....but other than that appears healty and content. The Vets office is going to see us in the morning.

I can only keep him until Tuesday when he goes out for adoption. My friends at the North Country Shelter are ready for him then - (NO KILL) - do I want him to go to another family - NO! BUT - we are over full with fur balls

Anyway......there appears to be 4 more out there waiting for the old 'Hissy grab'.
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Hi'ya Deb :angel2:
You're so cute. Bless those little babies and you! I know you'd keep 'em if you could. You're such a good lady...guess that's why I love ya; it's not everyone I'd let pee on my carpet you know??? :laughing2:laughing2

Love Always,
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I'm glad you got one of the kittens, but can imagine how hard it will be to give her away.

You are an angel!
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I like you Deb, but you CAN'T pee on my carpet! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Debra.....my heart is just aching here....I want an orange cat SO bad!!! My first cat I ever had, when I was about 10, was an orange cat named Lucky. Now that I live on a farm, with lots of room, and love, for lots of cats, I am still trying to find an orange one.
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I envy you for finding a room in a no-kill shelter. The one here is totally full and they won't take in new cats.

We still have the little kitty we found at the hospital 2 weeks ago and we can't find a good home for him He is very cute but our house is so small it's really getting crowded here... We put an ad in the paper and put up posters all over the place but no one called
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Debby - ever think about a trip to New England in the Fall? The leaves a gorgeous and there is an orange fur-ball witing for you!

Anne - I am sorry about the shelter situation there. I have a good working relationship with our local shelter - we do a lot of favors back and forth - so I am fortunate they will make room for most anything I come across.

you know.......(evil Debbie speaking here).........if hubby wanted to move to Alaska or something like that I would have more room here!
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In my area Orange Kitties are considered, by the SPCA,not easily adoptable. Orange tabbies usually end up being put down because they aren't desirable I guess. I don't understand that, because my Loco, who is as orange and fluffy as they get, is such a GORGEOUS cat! The only type of cat considered less adoptable than orange tabbies is all black cats ( people around here are very superstitious). I saved my Onyx (who doesn't have a single white hair on his body) from being put down in the shelter. People think I'm crazy People are more likely to adopt the more 'flashy' cats like calicos. To me, its all about personality, which all three of my cats have in abundance!
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Dear Melissa,

Is this a joke...certainly this director must be some kind of nut. How can they say such a stupid thing like that! My Opie is gorgeous as I'm sure many other orange tabby's on this site or any where in this world are!

Give my regards to your Director and my thoughts of what a "putz" he/she is! This is my Opie...tell me he's not adorable...
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Hey Opie!
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Unadoptable?!? The only cats I'll have are orange tabbies! Maybe I ought to move to Nova Scotia!

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Funny, here it's calicos and torties and bi-colors that are not considered very "trendy". It's a lot easier to find homes for orange tabbies and for black or white cats (not bi-colors).
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How weird, Debby, if you wanna orange fur ball, come visit England!!! there is an abundance of the little gingers over here!!! Plenty of orangeness for everyone!! hee hee.....I was in the local rescue centre te other day and there was this ginger cat - he was HUGE!!!! I've never seen such a ginormous cat!! he would've given a Spaniel agood run for its money!!! cute!!! He had this look on his face like "Im in an arse.....get lost".....hee hee Oooo I wanted him....

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Yeah, I know its dumb. I love orange kitties, but it isn't the Directors fault, its just the adoption ratio in this area. Its a matter of people's preference. The orange tabbies just happen to be the last to be adopted.
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Opie is soooooo cute! I wish I could get another kitty but our apartment complex only allows 2 kittys per apartment.
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Little Rocky - now known as Leo - has gone to his new home. Suzanne, who works with me at the office adopted him on Tuesday of this week. I sure do miss the little guy - the kitty condo is empty - waiting for the others in the litter
He had a complete Vet check-up yesterday and is healthy.
Have to go out and feed the rest of the brooed - but thought I would let you know.
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Ok - I can't help myself - they re all so darn cute! Goldie is bringing the remaining 4 up to the porch for their food - two gray and two orange remain! How come I can't have a HUGE old house with room for all?!?

Ok and whining I am...I want a digital camera so bad I can taste it!!!! gggrrrrr
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Orange kitties not desirable!? Have they ever looked at a Hallmark card or a cat food can? I have a beautiful orange tabby who was almost a star! The animal handler for an ad agency was looking for a beautiful red tabby for a national cat food print ad. A friend who works with animal rescue said she should look at my Leo. She took one look and wanted him even though he wasn't full grown. He acted like we were going to skin him! He howled and screamed and hid under the bed. He would not even let me touch him and bit and scratched this poor lady. Needless to say, he did not get the job.
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Hi All, I haven't been able to get here much, but I just gave Opie your kisses and hugs Backatcha :laughing2 He is such a lover

KrazyKat; I can not agree more and I vocalized that earlier in the thread. These statistics are just numbers flying off the back of someone's hand...it would cost too much in researching if an "orange tabby was truly difficult to adopt out. Who would pay for something so ridiculous(besides our Federal Government of course) Let's get real here, someone over there must have a beef with an orange tabby; ir's just too ridiculous...By the way, sorry to hear about your kitty not getting the position Well, there'll be another time

I since have found out that Murphy (although he is not quite orange, but caramel tabby) he is very smart like Opie and what a little affectionate, talkative dollbaby he is.

Deb, I'm so glad that Leo was adopted! What great news
Love & Peace,
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Well.....It is Sunday and what a great day to go cat-catching! Goldie's second brood was on the porch for their mid-day snack and
out came 'mom me' with the feather catcher - Got a little orange fur baby in the house now in the kitty condo. 2 down and 4 more to go from this litter.

I need a name for this one - she is s biter, though! You should see my thumb!

Any suggestions????????
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How about Crunches :laughing2

LOvE Ya DeB!

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Wolfy? Nibbles, Picnic, *G* The name will come just like the kitty did
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Haha - these are good - I was wondering about Chompers. Not a good name for a little girl, but then, she hasn't acted particularly dainty yet! Keep 'em coming........
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li'l bit?
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Originally posted by Catarina77777

How about Crunches :laughing2

LOvE Ya DeB!

HEY! That cat looks like my Ramzeys!!!!
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Awwwwww, cool! Did you ever post of pic of Ramzey? I don't recall.

Hey Deb, how about "bever"? hahahaha! Hey, I did like the name "nibbles" I thought that was a good one.

Love ya,
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What about Fangs, or Niblet?! hee hee....or Jaws!! :vampireL:
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Originally posted by Lothuial

HEY! That cat looks like my Ramzeys!!!!
yes...go to breeders corner on Abbyisnian fever.
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Well I'll be! It does look like Ramzeys! hahaha :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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Originally posted by Catarina77777

Well I'll be! It does look like Ramzeys! hahaha :laughing2

Love & Peace,

Told ya!!! :tounge2:
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