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my family

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heres some pics i took yesterday tell me what you think
heres kayko my silky and candie

heres casie i woke her up lol

heres friskie shes 14

heres my super skinny kitty

shes so skinny

herre them playing follow the leader lol

heres them drinking

i hope you like
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What a beautiful family you have.
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ALL of them are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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They are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
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Welcome Cute family
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Aaaaw cuties!
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Your kitties are so adorable! Yes yes yes ur kitty is uber skinny!
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Your skinny and my skinny should start a diet club!
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Awwww, all of your babies are beautiful!!!
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You have a beautiful family!

You could teach your skinny girl about kitty crunches.........this is what I help Shelby do to keep her girlish figure.
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Beautiful family!!!!
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