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cats and honey

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I have a question. One of my kitties exhibits pica behavior only at mealtime (I have scheduled mealtimes). He takes a few bites of his food, then searches for something to chew on. If he is successful on finding a cloth or towel, he chews away then comes back and finishes his food. I try to block his access to clothing/bedding/towels, but sometimes I'm unsuccessful. He always passes what he chews on but it is still a concern.

I think I found a solution but need advise. I eat a cereal called Kasha. It has seven different grains, but has honey in it. Is honey dangerous for cats? I found that if a put just a few pieces on top of his food, he gets the chewing (or crunching) sensation he desires and then finishes his food! It would be great if it were this simple. Just an aside: he can only eat canned wet food as he has lower urinary tract disease.

Thank you your help!


Kathleen Tuttle
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Honey is not toxic to cats. But as a suggestion, you might want to try Karo syrup. When I worked at a veterinary clinic, we used Karo (clear) syrup when we mixed up liquid antibiotics to make the taste pleasing to the animals.

Good luck.

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Kathleen, can your vet suggest some dry foods to you that would be okay to sprinkle on his food? Perhaps just a few crunchy pieces of urinary tract food would do no harm. (Ask first to be on the safe side.)
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