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Kitten is soooo sneezy! Help!

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Hello. My kitty who is about 6 months old is incredibly sneezy, but with no other symptoms. He has no runny nose, no mucus, no watery eyes - it's just achoo achoo all day long. I have not introduced anything new into our household, so I am baffled. What should I do? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!!
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We just went through this with Nedicks--she started sneezing like 12 times in a row, but no other symptoms. We just watched her to make sure she didn't develop anything else and after a few days the sneezing went away. Perhaps there is something in the air that your kitty is allergic to, or maybe it is the beginning of a URI. Definitely keep an eye on your little guy for other symptoms. Given his young age, I might even consider consulting the vet on the phone if the sneezing lasts more than a day or two. Nedicks is 4 1/2 years old, so presumably she is less delicate than your 6 month old.
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Bijou was sneezing and I stopped using the clay litter and changed to Swheat Scoop and now World's Best Kitty Litter. As soon as I stopped using the clay litter his sneezing stopped.
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I agree with the others. it's most likely something he's allergic to. I know you said that nothing new has been introduced into your house but is there anything like a new perfume, deodorant, body wash, soap, carpet cleaner, cat litter, plant, flowers, household cleaner...? Also (and this might be a long shot) is he a semi-long hair or long hair? I have a semi long-haired girl who will suddenly sneeze and sneeze and when I examine her, she has her own fur stuck on or up her nose. To deal with this, I make sure I brush her regularily.
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