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Waiting, not so patiently.

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I just need to vent a bit. So I will.

I decided to adopt a new kitty to keep my Shinobi company. So I found this adorable kitty online who was in a foster home. I went and met her and we decided that we love her and want to give her a place in our home. Unfortunately she had not been spayed yet (due to financial and timing issues) so last friday night the lady said she'd call us and let us know when she got an appointment. She said that we should be able to get the kitty some time this week

BUT SHE STILL HASN"T CALLED It's now THURSDAY and I just want to KNOW what's going ON. I'm sure she's busy (She's got 13 cats total, half of which are fosters) But I want to get the kitty settled before I get busier (Its been so quiet I know the deluge is coming). I've called her a bunch of times and she hasn't called me back! I just want to know what's going on. And I want to bring my new kitty home.
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aww im so sorry about that!!
i hopethe kitty comes by sunday!! let us know on the updates
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Why don't you volunteer to make the appointment and bring her to the vet??
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Originally Posted by Sweets
Why don't you volunteer to make the appointment and bring her to the vet??
That's a great idea!
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It is a great idea. Unfortuantely a rescue group in the City of Pittsburgh cannot adopt out a pet unless it has first been spayed or neutered. Stupid Laws. I offered, but they just can't do it. :-( Thanks for your support! I'll let you know when I find out.
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Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your kitty soon!
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Call her, bug her, nag her!!! Maybe even offer to sit with her kitties while she brings yours to the vet!
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Oh, cessena, I am sorry you're frustrated and waiting! I hate to wait! I'll send good thoughts your way!
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Oh I hope you hear from her soon! That's gotta be frustrating.
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AAAaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww...I REALLY do hope you hear from her very soon. That is SO frustrating when you've finally made up your mind, and then something beyond your control happens like this!
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I know how you feel! I was supposed to adopt a kitty from my aunt's neighbor who rescued a bunch when there was a flood there. I called my aunt to tell her I wanted one the day after New Years... it is now the 20th!

I have since adopted another kitty since she never got in contact with me and I had a chance to help another one.

You would think someone who is desperate for homes for these kitties to go to would be knocking down your door!

I hope you hear from her foster mom soon. Good Luck!!
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This seems a bit odd, on this side of Pittsburgh, they all have the cats spayed and nuetered before being put into foster homes. Maybe that is a Westmoreland county thing though, and not an Allegheny county thing. Hmm... I would be concerned as well. She should have gotten back to you by now.
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Thanks for the positive thoughts guys, She called last night WEEE!

Kitty is getting spayed today and then she's going to go back home with her foster mom. I think her foster mom is having trouble giving her up, I feel a little bad. But she has 13 besides this one. I'm hoping I"ll get her early next week, but judging by how this woman seems to operate it will be next Thursday at the earliest. (if at all)

Apparently she has a whole litter from the same mom that were born in foster care, and they were never adopted so they are now about 7 months old. The group I'm adopting from doesn't have a "shelter" they mostly just foster their animals, and they have thrift shops(which I think some of the kitties live above). So I guess she was too young when she went to her foster mom's house and then they just never got around to it.

Thanks again for the positive vibes guys!
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YAY, She's coming on Thursday!!!

(here's her petfinder page

Thanks for the happy vibes!
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Congratulations! Aw, she is just adorable!!!!
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Awwwwwww...What a little sweetie! Congratulations!!!
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How upsetting. I'm hoping the kitty comes soon! If not, I'm coming over there to give someone a talk!
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UGH! Last post again! I could kick myself.... Anyways, congrats! I'm really glad everything worked out.
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