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How do I?

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Hi there! I'm new and I'm having a time trying to figure out how to post pictures to the Fur Pictures Only thread. Can someone advise or point me in the right direction? thanks!
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Hi there,

First of all you will need someone to host your pictures - alot of the members here use www.photobucket.com where you can upload your pics and then upload them to TCS. If you need help uploading or linking the photos, feel free to PM me.

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Hey, I can see your kitty in your signature! WTG!
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Thanks for the help! I'm quickly learning the ropes thanks to so many helpful members. I've always wanted to share this photo with other cat lovers! We call Pele "King of the Castle" and here he is proving it.

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Good job!!

That is too cute!!!
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hehe, he is beautiful
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He's adorable, great pic....love your siggy.
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Gorgeous pic!
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