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Inside after neuter?

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Ok, let me just say that I don't agree with keeping cats outside, unless they are ferral & would be miserable inside. That said, I work with a woman who has a brother & sister pair of kittens. They live in her barn, & she had a heated bed for them. Her vet told her in December that the female was pregnant. This woman has never had cats before & apparently wasn't aware that this would happen at 6-7 months of age (I don't know why she didn't ask when she got them) The vet said she'd have the kittens in about 3 weeks, well they haven't come & I personally think if she wasn't pregnant before, she sure is now. So I'm trying to convince her to have the male neutered on the off chance the female isn't pregnant. The vet told her she will have to keep him inside for a while. I figured I'd ask this question here because there are people here who do T.N.R. My question is does he infact have to stay inside & for how long?
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no, I have seen people neuter strays and let them out the same day, of course each cat is different. If the female is pregnant , can you fix her after the fact? There are low cost spays available. such as 1800spayusa.(phone #)

also go here for info:http://www.alleycat.org/
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My experience is that the cat needs to be in a safe place, while he is still groggy because he is susceptible to attack such as by dogs, or he could cross the roadway while unable to judge traffic,etc, and also to monitor him for complications. Your friend could crate him in her barn in a large rabbit hutch or something like that. or else, just close the barn door. She probably could use the same containment that she'll use for him prior to surgery (so that he doesn't eat or drink the night before). My toms are usually up and about on the ride home! Kudos to your friend and you for helping these kitties in need.
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Males take shorter time to recuperate compared to females. An overnight stay will do the trick. Bless you and your friend for taking care of poor kitties! Hope she fixes the kittens ASAP!
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